Sep 2010 16

Another heavy bass hitting release by Dutch producer Zoutman who prepared two salty flavoured techno tracks with a nicely done deeper remix by Tundra (NL).

Some promo feedback:
Chloe (Rex, Paris)
“all mixes are good!”
Dandi and Ugo
“Casi Likes Candi now immediatily in our dj bag we will test it in a next gig !!!”
Paco Osuna
“cool tracks,thanks!”
Steve Rachmad
“Cool bassy lead sound. Will play for sure!”
Toni Rios (Cocoon)
“come johnny my fav. fucking crazy track. full support”
“Cool package! love the unconventional groove of casy likes candy “
Raphael (Kling Klong)
“Great Release ! Smashing club tracks”
Tom Stephan (SuperChumbo)
“very cool!”
Chris Fortier (Fade records)
“tundra mix hits the spot”
Chloe Harris
“super funky! love tundras remix. its huge. come johnny is crazy mental. will be fun on the floor.”