Sep 2010 16

A movie track without a movie but nonetheless another deep and moving release by Lerio Corrado (Italy) with remixes by Sebastiaan Sleebos and Marten Fischer.

Some promo feedback:
Jenn (Popnorama / Karate Klub)
“I looooove Sebastian Sleebos relaxed groooovy remix!!!will play and chart it!”
Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut)
“love naples!! beautiful atmospheres & a kind of oldschooly detroit feeling. cool! “
Chris Fortier (Fade records)
“Naples original!”
Chloe Harris
“sleebos remix for me. very cool sound. x”
Gebrueders Hoppe (Raveline Magazine)
“Great Release. The Marten Fisher Remix is sick! But we like all the tracks! :-)”
Frits Klaver (Love Girls)
“Great release. Love ‘Naples Movie’ track. Great build up! lekkerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!”
Andre Kronert (Ostwind records)
“Indifferente original is my cup of tea. well done. full support.
Rodrick Fox (Strøm recordings)
“Great release! love Indifferente Marten Fisher remix! Keep them coming :)”
Blood & Tears (Karate Klub / Lordag)
“Naples Movie is really good, thumbs up!”
Jesse Voorn
“Got it man! Like it, will support the original version!”
Half Stereo (Dinamo FM)
“Nice amsterdam label with a straight forward sound. Fresh meat!”
Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur)
“Thanx for this one!”
Black Veal (Mangue records)
“I just like indifferenete original mix…”
Markus Kavka (Harry Klein)
“..naples movie.. ist ein toller track. deep, smart, sehr besonders. wird gespielt!”