Amsterdam Tech House volume 1 [strcmp001]
Aug 2011 13

Summer time has some extra Amsterdam flavours this month with a new sampler from Strom recordings. Some new music of upcoming releases along with some older remixes that have been getting lots of rotation in our radio show on XT3 Techno radio recently.

Enough to get you through the festival season and lots of variety for your sets too.


  1. Phonic Funk – Utopia (Original Mix)
  2. Zoutman – Paella (Original Mix)
  3. Lerio Corrado – Keep on (Original Mix)
  4. Jeff Bennett – Oxidizer (Original Mix)
  5. Roderick Fox – Flanger (Original Mix)
  6. Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay – PHNK (Original Mix)
  7. James Nidecker – The Fly that Bugs me (Landmark Remix)
  8. Stefanowitz – Diligence (Original Mix)
  9. Love Girls – Phofl (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
  10. Jaramillo & Bastien – Sleepy (Tim Roscoe Remix 02)
  11. Dualtec – Jilly Bean (Original Mix)
  12. Roderick Fox – Sparkle (Sandwich Remix)

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