Sep 2010 14

Timo Benz and Plan-E deliver the first release on Strøm Recordings with the ultraphat ‘Darkstar Empire ep’. The German duo have teamed up to produce three powerful techno tracks which puts techno music back to where it all began…dark and underground…. ‘Flash (Timo Benz mix)’ is a peaktime monster track that hits the floor with fierce drums and grinding sub basses and combines spooky Detroit fx with a dark spoken vocal. An absolute burner! ‘Darkstar Empire’ has a slamming groove that keeps on building and jacks you with a razor sharp rhythm and a phat pumpin’ sound. ‘Revolution’ is just what it says, thundering beats with fat percussive synth stabs and the ability to take control of your sound system.

Sep 2010 14

With the second Strøm release entitled “$.e.x.” the label profiles itself as one that’s not shy of stirring up some controversy. James Nidecker’s freaky dark vocals combined with an infectious groove of minimal-tech beats makes this record the proper ‘love song’ to end 2008, or maybe it’s just a tribute to a city which everyone knows for it’s red light district and free spirit of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

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Sep 2010 16

Release by Koen Lebens with a hypnotizing remix by Fokko Versloot, Sander May and Tom Noah.


REVIEW IN IDJ MAGAZINE by Kai 1(summer 2008 – July/August)
The original version of ‘Napolitanzer’ from Koen Lebens is a wickedly driving, tough tech-houser with a pounding kick, rolling bass and plenty of changes with the rides and fills to keep us hooked. Foko Versloot, Sander May and Tom Noah all undoubtedly get in each other way in the studio, yet manage to combine with a remix in more of a minimal techno direction, creating a nice pulsating kick that easily does the business while slowly introducing elements from the original to keep things smoothly moving forwards. K1 ***

Pumpend, treibend, reduziert ? mehr Worte braucht es nicht, um das dritte Release des Amsterdamer Imprints Strøm Recordings zu beschreiben, das ab August auf den Plattentellern der Welt rotieren wird und schon vorher von Szenegrössen wie Adam Beyer, Chloe und Valentino Kanzyani supportet wurde. Zu Recht, denn hier vereint sich Minimalismus mit partiell ravigen Clubtechnostabs und der Breakdown des Originalmixes sorgt sicherlich für erhobene Hände auf dem Dancefloor. Der flipseitige Remix hingegen ? eine Zusammenarbeit der Produzenten Fokko Versloot, Sander May und Tom Noah ? präsentiert sich ein wenig düsterer und hypnotisch verspult, verkündet seinen Tanzbefehl jedoch ebenso deutlich wie das Orginal. ***** 5 Points (of 6) baze.djunkiii

Adam Beyer (Drumcode)
“thumbs up!”
Massi DL (Trapez)
“The remix sounds cool! I’ll play it for sure”
Capriati (Frankie records)
“really good stuff, I will play all for sure! :-)
Chloé (Kill the DJ)
“I support!”
Karotte (Great Stuff)
Jenn (Karate Musik)
“the remix is aaaaaamaaazing! luv it!”
Benny Roderigues
“higly spinnable, will play, tnx”
Alexander Koning (Eye on the future):
“I like the rmx alot…”
Warren Fellow (Extrema Music)
“Full support!”
Nihad Tule (Drumcode):
‘Thanks, great tunes you got!
Really like the FV SM TN remix and I will play it, my kind of stuff most definitely’
Leandro Gamez
“Really love the tech house touch from this one quite funky as well & the sound is excellent”
Paul Hazendonk (Work Hard Play Hard)
“Great funky minimal techno track, will play for sure!”
“Really like this…good stuff!!!!”
Kai_1 (I-DJ magazine)
“Very nice release, have reviewed it for you in I-DJ magazine”
Boris Ross (Luxaflex)
Cool track!!!! will play this and makes me quite happy :-)
Dan Higher (FutureClubbing)
“original mix sets the mood; FV SM TN remix will rock the crowd.
hard to pick a favourite; so full support on both sides :-)
Sep 2010 16

Some promo feedback:

Miss Kitten
“I love this release, very sweet for summer, sunshine but not cheesy.

Laurent Garnier
“nice one! I like both tracks,
will try them out!”

Chloé (Rex, Paris)
“i like ‘play me’, good track to play!”

Jenn (Karate Musik)
“Play Me” will work for me. Very nice groove!”

Cio D’or
‘its a wonderful combi from dubbed techno with a minimal & deep touch.
very nice record!!!’

Nuno Dos Santos
“Love the ‘Play Me’ track!!
Full support!”

Stefanowitz (Strøm Recordings)
“Both great tracks but ‘Play me’ is my favorite!
Music for the summer!”

Angel Molina
“Thanks for the music, track 1 is the one I´ll play the most, love the epic bass !”

Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str004
Release date: Oct 15, 2008
Sep 2010 16

Some promo feedback:

Laurent Garnier
‘love the Dirt Crew mix, will play this a lot’

Gregor Tresher (Cocoon recordings)
‘i like both the original and of course the dirt crew mix of ‘laterr’, will definitely play out both!’

Frank Gross aka MonoRoom
‘i like the dirt crew remix!!!’

3 Channels
‘5 stars for dirt crew remix !’

Spirit Catcher (2020Vision)
‘Nice mix guys ! Thanks for sharing it, I like the Kerri Chandler’s vibes! Full support!’

Oscar Karate Musik (Berlin)
‘Great Release! Love ‘ontwaakt’ and the Dirt Crew Remix!!’

Tim Green (Dirty Bird)
“Great Release! Love dirt crew’s remix so much for the brilliant house
vibe. But also love as much Ontwaakt. Great piece of techno. Will
support both tracks I’m sure!”

DJ Lin (Body Condition)
‘Lovely house tune, can drop this anywhere! Fat production!’

Eelke Kleijn
‘Dirt Crew remix is the one for me :)’

PToile (Mothership)
‘very nice remix of dirt crew.. housey as we love it..
Ontwaakt my favourite tracks from the orig.’

Dole & Kom (Death by Disco, Berlin)
‘The Dirt Crew Mix is our fave..’

Ron Flatter (Karateklub)
‘Ontwaakt is my favourite and the dirtcrew rmx is very cool !!!’

Sebastian Sleebos
‘Really nice EP. Dirt Crew remix definitely my favourite. The catchy tech house lead, NICE NICE NICE.’

Filippo Moscatello (Moodmusic)
‘this rmx from dirt crew is awesome…i am so happy to play this out!!’

DJ’s Love Girls (Little Mountain recordings)
‘Wachttoren is the one, great vibe!’

Paul Hazendonk (Work Hard, play hard)
‘Cool release! Full support on the Wachttoren and Ontwaakt tracks!’

Nuno Dos Santos (Compost Black rec)
‘Cool house remix by Dirt Crew!’

Jenn ‘Karate Music’
‘wachttoren’ is the right one for meeee :), will play and chart it!!!’

Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str005
Release date: Dec 17, 2008
Sep 2010 16

Some promo feedback:

Jenn (KarateMusik)
“Kinda Catchy izz the right for me. Good one!!”

Kid Massive (Audiodamage records)
“dope tune !!!..”

Oscar (KarateMusik / Promote-records)
“another great Release!! I love Kinda Catchy!! Will play!”

Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business)
“fucking strong sound!!”

Steven Beyer (Lordag)
“great Bleep Original! great Bassline. I think the people love it”

Sebastian Sleebos
“Nice BLEEEP noises release :-)”

Liz Cirelli (Word & Rhythm magazine)
“Really cool release”

Howard & Stereo (Howard 7 Stereo records)
“Fat and clever beats”

Carsten Rechenberger (Miditonal records)
“bleeep roxx !!! shithot tune”

Blood & Tears (Karateklub/Lordag)
“Kinda Catchy is my fav”

Timo Jahns (Radio Evolution)
“bleep is a real stomper. love the bassline!!”

Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str006
Release date: Feb 18, 22009
Sep 2010 16

Label head James Nidecker enters a deeper darker place in his head dealing with some demons from the past in a dark vocalised track with remixes from Dandi & Ugo, David Keno and Stefanowitz.

Some promo feedback:

Laurent Garnier
“good darkness! will try it out.”
Leandro Gamez
“Superb original track, awesome vocals & synths. Love the Dandi e Ugo remix as well. Excellent release, straight to the next chart!”
Jenn (KarateMusik)
“the original has a greeeaaat atmosphere! full support!!”
Stephan Bodzin
“will play stefanowitz mix”
Oscar (KarateMusik / Promote-records)
“Wooww!! James, big Release!! Full Support!!”
Toni Rios (Cocoon)
“great mix!!!”
Lin (Body Condition)
“I feel the original mix’ Good luck with this release!”
Dennis Ruyer (Dance Department)
“I like the Dandi & Ugo remix!”
Angel Molina
“dandi & ugo´s rmx is a true killer, thanks!”
Jesse Voorn
“charted Dandi & Ugo remix for my radio show”
Alexander Koning
“Cool release!”
Tomcraft (Great Stuff)
“cool original with a great remix!”
Gebrueder Hoppe
“Nice one! Great Tracks! Can not wait to play them. My favourite is the Stefanowitz remix. Very minimal but has a cool Groove. Keep on going…”
Roderick Fox (Strøm recordings)
“Great release! Love the snare’s in Stefanowitz rmx. Dandi Ugo works best for me though!”
Paul Hazendonk (work hard, play hard)
“Dandi & Ugo remix is the one for me, full support!”
Eelke Kleijn (Global underground)
” I like the original!”
Microtrauma (Microtonal records)
“Good Package, my favorite is the “Dandi “
Blood & Tears
“Blood and Tears (KarateKlub / Lordag)
“Stefanowitz Remix!”
Carsten Rechenberger
“Dandi & Ugo remix!”
Lars Sommerfeld (Two Faces)
“good stuff!”
“it will work in my set nicely, thanks!”
Gianni Vitiello (Kiddaz)
“handy up YEAH :o)”
Homebase (Kids records)
“WOW! great dancefloor bomb! will play and support 4 sure!”
DJ Misk (Altroverso)
“in my playlist in altroverso!!”
Sep 2010 16

A movie track without a movie but nonetheless another deep and moving release by Lerio Corrado (Italy) with remixes by Sebastiaan Sleebos and Marten Fischer.

Some promo feedback:
Jenn (Popnorama / Karate Klub)
“I looooove Sebastian Sleebos relaxed groooovy remix!!!will play and chart it!”
Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut)
“love naples!! beautiful atmospheres & a kind of oldschooly detroit feeling. cool! “
Chris Fortier (Fade records)
“Naples original!”
Chloe Harris
“sleebos remix for me. very cool sound. x”
Gebrueders Hoppe (Raveline Magazine)
“Great Release. The Marten Fisher Remix is sick! But we like all the tracks! :-)”
Frits Klaver (Love Girls)
“Great release. Love ‘Naples Movie’ track. Great build up! lekkerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!”
Andre Kronert (Ostwind records)
“Indifferente original is my cup of tea. well done. full support.
Rodrick Fox (Strøm recordings)
“Great release! love Indifferente Marten Fisher remix! Keep them coming :)”
Blood & Tears (Karate Klub / Lordag)
“Naples Movie is really good, thumbs up!”
Jesse Voorn
“Got it man! Like it, will support the original version!”
Half Stereo (Dinamo FM)
“Nice amsterdam label with a straight forward sound. Fresh meat!”
Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur)
“Thanx for this one!”
Black Veal (Mangue records)
“I just like indifferenete original mix…”
Markus Kavka (Harry Klein)
“..naples movie.. ist ein toller track. deep, smart, sehr besonders. wird gespielt!”
Sep 2010 16

Yes indeed we have a special buzz package this time with Love Girls’s peak time monster release! And for this edition we have man of the moment Tobias Lützenkirchen doing a double remix knock out that’s kicking some serious ass too.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this mysterious duo is releasing records on labels such as Little Mountain Recordings, Vandit, Pacha and Strøm recordings. They are known for their major club hit ‘Chicks On Planes’ and remarkable remixes of tracks like David Keno’s Replika, Alex M.O.R.P.H’s Photograph and LeRon & Yves Eaux’ Almighty Funk and it looks like ‘Love Girls’ is the next best thing from Amsterdam. Artists like Sander Kleinenberg, Remy, Tiesto, Matthew Dekay and Paul van Dyk are just a few names who give massive support to their tracks. Only question remains…who are these ‘Love Girls’?

Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str009
Release date: Nov 27, 2009


Sep 2010 16

We’re not always sure how we should describe the label’s musical profile but we do know that this release has Techno written all over it.

Gabriel (Buenos Aires) delivers a very strong and slamming two tracker which actually killed one of the speakers at our office when we tested the masters.

So here you have it. We’ll say it’s techno cuz it shakes and pops and grinds like an animal, but we think it suits minimal and tech-house lovers as well.

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Sep 2010 16

The Italians do it again and Alex Bizzaro and Alberto Tinello (aka A.Tee) have teamed up to release a deeper minimal-house track that is sweeping and bashing with a sexy vocal stab and hard hitting snares blasting through your system.

And the remixes are amazingly done by Sebastian Sleebos, Marten Fisher and Roderick Fox and should please house and deep tech lovers as well.

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Released by: Strom recordingss
Release/catalogue number: str011
Release date: Feb 5, 2010
Sep 2010 16

Another heavy bass hitting release by Dutch producer Zoutman who prepared two salty flavoured techno tracks with a nicely done deeper remix by Tundra (NL).

Some promo feedback:
Chloe (Rex, Paris)
“all mixes are good!”
Dandi and Ugo
“Casi Likes Candi now immediatily in our dj bag we will test it in a next gig !!!”
Paco Osuna
“cool tracks,thanks!”
Steve Rachmad
“Cool bassy lead sound. Will play for sure!”
Toni Rios (Cocoon)
“come johnny my fav. fucking crazy track. full support”
“Cool package! love the unconventional groove of casy likes candy “
Raphael (Kling Klong)
“Great Release ! Smashing club tracks”
Tom Stephan (SuperChumbo)
“very cool!”
Chris Fortier (Fade records)
“tundra mix hits the spot”
Chloe Harris
“super funky! love tundras remix. its huge. come johnny is crazy mental. will be fun on the floor.”
Sep 2010 16

Promo support by Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Par Grindvik, Chris Fortier, Alan Fitzpatrick, Psycatron, Sascha Barth and many more..

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Sep 2010 16
Ferreck Dawn delivers two deep tech tracks that stick inside your head like a post-it while SQL nicely shaped one of them in a ripping remix directly aimed for the dancefloor.
Supported by Steve Lawler, Paco Osuna, Dubfire, Qbical, The Doplhins, Stefano Lotti, Simon (DJ Mag), Satoshi Fumi, Chris Fortier (NY), JP (Dance valley), Henrik (Watergate, Berlin), Nick K, Sascha Barth, Todd Burns (Resident Advisor), Chloe Harris, ille Bitch, Eelke Kleijn and many more..

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Sep 2010 16

Summer’s here and we bring you a tasty festival package with a variety of Strom artists on one release.

The title of this release is also the name of a new radio show that I will host on starting in June so keep an eye out for that one.

Carsten Schorr kicks it off with The screw which literally screws in your brain followed by South American duo Jaramillo & Bastien who deliver a strong main room filler. And last but not least we have Kindimmer who kicks out a solid deep minimal groove that keeps on spinning…..and spinning….and spinning…and we just can’t get enough of it :-)

All artists will have their full release later this summer so if you like this appetiser then be sure to check out their full release too.

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Sep 2010 18
Supported by Hernan Cattaneo, Jeroenski, Dubfire, Nick Warren, Orde meikle (soma records), Raphael (kling klong rec), Mark Pember (aka meat katie), David Tort, Stefano Lotti, Soundbalance and more..

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Sep 2010 19
Are we techno, tech-house, minimal or just a strange buzzing House label? We don’t know and actually..we really don’t care. :-)
Electronic music is crossing styles and genres everywhere and we think it’s good to have less labels on music especially with producers like Jules und Jazper who cross genres so easily and with good succes too.
So another summer tribal-tech-minimalistic-house release of which Sunet de Marimba did work very well on the dance floor at Sensation White in Amsterdam recently and hopefully works for you too.
Italian duo Dema and Axel are doing some major artist breakthrough recently with releases on Diva and Great Stuff and their remix for Sunet de Marimba is fat all over! I hope you dig this as much as the rest of the release which has something for everyone.

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Released by: Strom recordings

Release/catalogue number: str017
Release date: Jul 30, 2010
Sep 2010 19

Supported by Alex Young, Fedde Le Grand, Warren Fellow, Paco Osuna, Hermanez, Maetrik and Steve Lawler.

Berlin underground meets Amsterdam tech heads.
If you have a better description just drop me an e-mail but I definitely like the electronical blend of the two cities.
Jenn surely needs no introduction cuz here minimalistic beats and grooves have already been fired around the globe with lots of support and again this EP shows here strenght as a producer.

I personally know that she can deejay damn good too so do check out here music and DJ sets on here Myspace.

“Leave Me” opens with a dark and moody groove followed by Beees that has a strong and hypnotic drive with remixes by Tim and Jazper who go from powerful Amsterdam style techno to funky tech grooves.

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Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str018
Release date: Aug 27, 2010
Sep 2010 19

From our Amsterdam HQ to the underground of Paris, we have music coming through from all over the place and with our French connection we are pleased to welcome Burst (Paris) to our roster.

Recently at Mysteryland we enjoyed a crazy crowd rocking to the beats of ‘Badbeats’ but surely the rest of the ‘Bucal ep’ will go down very well in your sets too.

Remixes are by the hands of Jazper, Michell van Wijngaarden and Franklin Reeves and vary from dark tech-house to pumping House music.

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Released by: Strom recordings
Release/catalogue number: str019
Nov 2010 30

Supported by: Mo Franco, Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler, Baggi Begovic, Roy Rosenfeld, Paul Hazendonk and many more.

The follow up to their debut on the Strom Sessions ep is the full release of the Il Gato ep with remix duties by Landmark who is still charting very well on Beatport and recently was the nr one for weeks in the minimal charts. Also Jaramillo & Bastien have been doing the rounds in the charts lately and should be no strangers to the minimal tech house scene.

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Mar 2011 01

Already supported by: Sander Kleinenberg, Paul Hazendonk, Hermanez, Wehbba, Steve Rachmad, Landmark, Nuno Dos Santos, Enrico Martini and more..

A new year is opening up and what better way to kick start 2011 with a superb debut techno album by Stefanowitz entitled “Zeitgeist”.
And since it’s also the first artist album to be released on Strom recordings we’re all very excited to launch this little jewel into the world the best way we can.

Stefanowitz’s (aka Stephen J Kroos) thoughts on the album title refer to his current state of mind in which he created a sonic landscape of music ‘which hopefully is still worth listening to in ten years from now..’ (quote Stefanowitz).

His ability to shape melodic structures with deep and layered dark beats is almost like a typical trademark for this Dutch producer who’s earlier releases got full support from DJ’s like Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Dubfire, Gregor Tresher, Paco Osuna and many more.

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Mar 2011 08
a new year and a new release from Amsterdam tech city to fill up the tracklisting gaps of your DJ sets. Kindimmer surely is nog stranger to the minimal scene but it’s nice to see that this release holds something for everyone. Roger Valdez delivers a hypnotic techno remix that keeps on building, stripping down to the bare essentials of the original.
Meanwhile label head James Nidecker goes into a more funky tech groove which shakes and breaks until it pops wide open to groove even a little bit more..
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Mar 2011 12

Promo support by 2000andone, Richie Hawtin, Secret Cinema, Dubfire, Michel de Hey, Hermanez, Paride Saraceni, Filthy Rich, Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler, David Keno, Dr Motte, Mastiksoul and others..

We have a new release this week which includes two of my favorite producers. The remixes of ‘The Fly that Bugs me’ are from the hands of two very profilic artists that have recently been dominating the charts frequently and we’re very happy to have WEHBBA and LANDMARK as our remix ambassadors for this release.

Wehbba has dived into an infectious house groove while Landmark edges toward the darker side of the minimal spectrum with a very strong flow of rhythms. Both have done a great job on this release and will hopefully please you as much as it did to us here at the Strom office.

Do check this one out cuz it really is a great firecracker.


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May 2011 11

Dualtec have been rapidly building a steady reputation with their incredibly fat and infectious tech grooves of which Fr.E.Q. and Jilly Bean are the Irish duo’s latest killer trax here on strom recordings.
The dark haunting vocal of FrE.Q. hypnotizes your mind and keeps building and building like a steam roller on meth…sounds crystal clear right?..well, it is!
Jilly Bean takes this ep in another groove direction but still flawless in its effort to get you bumping around all night long.
Alex Sandrino and Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay deliver a different kind of remix vibe making this release a 360 tastemaker for all spinheads out there..
Dualtec have been rapidly building a steady reputation with their incredibly fat and infectious tech grooves of which Fr.E.Q. and Jilly Bean are the Irish duo’s latest killer trax here on strom recordings.
The dark haunting vocal of FrE.Q. hypnotizes your mind and keeps building and building like a steam roller on meth…sounds crystal clear right?..well, it is!
Jilly Bean takes this ep in another groove direction but still flawless in its effort to get you bumping around all night long.
Alex Sandrino and Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay deliver a different kind of remix vibe making this release a 360 tastemaker for all spinheads out there..

May 2011 11
Supported by: Stefano Lotti, Paco Osuna, Luca Terzini, Shinedoe, The Dolphins, Alex Young, John Selway and others..
Another release by our South American friends who have layered some very cool minimal rhythms and transformed them into the mysterious ‘6162’ track.
Meanwhile Tim Roscoe remixed the original of ‘Sleepy’ with its hypnotizing vocal into a deeper groove and another one into a more techier version. A double pack filled with lots of goodies…so to say.

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May 2011 20
Amsterdam tech city has another bomb for you with the brand new release by Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay.
And yes indeed they have got something for you with this infectious groove builder and hypnotising vocal hook.
Meanwhile the Amsterdam duo also deliver a deeper groove with ‘PHNK’ which moves your speaker cones like a little devil, twisting, turning and grinding…just the way we like it :-)
Mark Knight featured ‘I got something’ in his Ministry Of Sound radio show in January and reactions have been more than positive so far.
Killer floor burner!
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[str026] Tim Roscoe “Madam Dickies”
Jun 2011 17

Supported by Paul Hazendonk, Sharam, Steve Lawler, Hermanez, Franceso Pico, Sander Kleinenberg, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Disco, Magda, Remy and others..

New stuff by the ever flammable Tim Roscoe who delivers a very strong track accompanied by equally strong remixes from Jaramillo & Bastien and Burst.

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[str027] Dema “Mexico” (El Mundo & Satori and Moodz remixes)
Jun 2011 26

Early promo support from Richie Hawtin, Butch, Fedde Le Grand, Luciano, Kabale und Liebe, Kid Culture, Sebastien Leger, Hermanez, Paul Hazendonk, Mark Knight, DJ Chus, Gel Abril and many many more….

With numerous chart hits on his name this hard working producer from Italy doesn’t really need any introduction so we go straight for the highlights of this new promo which has ‘Summer time blast’ written on the cover.

This is a peak time track with a Mexican party flavour and some delicious remixes from Moodz and El Mundo & Satori.

From Amsterdam groove to Italian minimalistic tech house, this release has it all covered (and the art work is pretty cool too 😉

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[str028] Phonic Funk “The Others”
Jul 2011 15

Promo support by Steve Lawler, Luciano, Stefano Lotti, Firebeatz, Paride Saraceni, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, HouseQuake, Luca Terzini and more..

When you say Amsterdam you say House music and this EP by Phonic Funk is a true house groover. The opening track ‘The Others’ has a hypnotic vibe which keeps on rolling in the deep while ‘So much’ bangs away with it’s pumping main room house fire.

House Funk from Amsterdam city ya’ll :-)

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Amsterdam Tech House volume 1 [strcmp001]
Aug 2011 13

Summer time has some extra Amsterdam flavours this month with a new sampler from Strom recordings. Some new music of upcoming releases along with some older remixes that have been getting lots of rotation in our radio show on XT3 Techno radio recently.

Enough to get you through the festival season and lots of variety for your sets too.


  1. Phonic Funk – Utopia (Original Mix)
  2. Zoutman – Paella (Original Mix)
  3. Lerio Corrado – Keep on (Original Mix)
  4. Jeff Bennett – Oxidizer (Original Mix)
  5. Roderick Fox – Flanger (Original Mix)
  6. Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay – PHNK (Original Mix)
  7. James Nidecker – The Fly that Bugs me (Landmark Remix)
  8. Stefanowitz – Diligence (Original Mix)
  9. Love Girls – Phofl (Lutzenkirchen Remix)
  10. Jaramillo & Bastien – Sleepy (Tim Roscoe Remix 02)
  11. Dualtec – Jilly Bean (Original Mix)
  12. Roderick Fox – Sparkle (Sandwich Remix)

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Mass Digital – Monster from the Red Corner [strcd002]
Oct 2011 14

Promo support by: Sharam, Francesco Farfa, Toni Rios, Steve Lawler, Fedde Le Grand, Xpansul, Sisko Electrofanatik, Richie Hawtin, Sander Kleinenberg, Audio Jack, Joseph Disco and many more..

A very hard hitting Techno album, unlike any we had before here on Strom recordings. Nonetheless we are very happy with Mass Digital’s “Monster from the Red Corner” and the mark he sets with this dark and deep layered album of twisted beats and frenzy synths.

For more on Mass Digital check out his artists page here

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Stefanowitz – Zeitgeist remixes (Estroe, Zoutman, Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search)
Oct 2011 28

Promo support by Umek, Laurent Garnier, Sisko Electrofanatik, Remy, Luca Terzini, Richie Hawtin, Mario Piu, Fedde Le Grand, Grindvik, Hermanez, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Eelke Kleijn, Len Faki and many more..

This week we have the first remix package of the Zeitgeist album which was released earlier this year by Stefanowitz with remixes by Estroe, Zoutman and Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search.

Estroe dived deep into the techno vaults with a beautiful wam and soothing remix of Dwangwant while Zoutman turned the knobs fully to peak time level with his version of Pumtschj.

Finally Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search crafted their stomping Techno vibes around Coccyx and delivered a strong floorfiller, bumping and shaking away into the night.

This is part 1 of the Zeitgeist remix EP so keep a look out for nr 2, coming soon..

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Mark Mywords – Endless Encounters [str029]
Nov 2011 16

Promo support by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Remy, Axwell, Filthy Rich, Fedde Le Grand, Luca Terzini, Steve Lawler, Tom Novy, Landmark, Sander Kleinenberg and many more..

As we approach the end of a vivid year with many label highlights it seems like there is no stopping the output of Strom artists. Another new Dutch talent has encountered many obstacles along the way but this ep certainly glided from his fingers quite easily and has twisted the low end to conquer the endless stream of releases in a world of old school aliens (poetic right? 😉

Anyway, check out his new ep on Strom which has deep and groovey tagged all the way..

For more info:

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Jeff Bennett – Exoplanet (Incl Tim Roscoe remix)
Nov 2011 30

Promo support by Fedde Le Grand, Sisko Electrofanatik, De:Bug magazine, Steve Lawler, Alex Young, Hermanez, Landmark, Sander Kleinenberg, Joseph Disco, Baggi Begovic, Luciano and many more..

With so many releases under his belt mr Bennet should need no introduction to the music scene but for those who don’t know, Jeff is one of the hardest working artists in the bizz.

Having released on labels like Pokerflat, Treibstof and his own imprint Kung Fu Dubs he has created sort of a special musical glow around his productions which are influenced by both Detroit and European styled electronic music.

This ep has a nice deep tech house flavored edge to it and is accompanied by an excellent killer remix by the hands of Tim Roscoe (great job Tim!).

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Jerome Martinez – Valley of Tears
Dec 2011 30

Early promo support from Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Remy, Axwell and many more..

Mr Martinez is nog stranger to the music scene but under this alter ego he delivers a totally surprising tech groove which shows his passion for the underground.
No we will not reveal his true identity but this little gem is definitely a cool venture into his other musical persona.

Also, don’t let the minimalistic approach of these two tracks fool you cuz they certainly work on the floor :-)

Valley of Tears seems like a hypnotic train which trancends on and on into a minimalistic build up that surprisingly still works very well in the club (take my word for it, I’ve seen the frenzy last month in a big Amsterdam venue).

Mountain of Sorrow kicks back with a more techy groove and a solid and clear production which nicely cuts through your speakers.

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Remcord – Napoulis EP
Jan 2012 11

This new release by our latest Strom crew member Remcord (Paris) is perfect for balancing your sets between warming up and cooling down with it’s deep and minimalistic approach and atmospheric beats & glitches.

Napoulis warms us up with a nice rolling low end and a mobster voice saying ‘boom boom’ which could imply where the title track comes from (even though Remcord is not Italian). The remix by yours truly bangs away with a tribal groove that shakes away the minimalistic vibe of the original and rolls on with a little extra steam.

Castelbery delivers more deep beats and spikes and with a powerful remix by Mark Mywords this package nicely covers various musical spectrums.

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Feb 2012 01

Promo support by Paco Osuna, Unders, Eelke Kleijn, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Pitto, Luciano, Nuno Dos Santos, Remy and many more..

The second release by Phonic Funk on Strom has more cool grooves and deep tech rhythms too soothe you into a proper night vibe. While Utopia sets the ground for a true House feeling with some Detroit influences the second track Under goes full on into an energetic filter tech direction making heads nod and shaking asses..

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Amsterdam Tech House vol 02
Feb 2012 08

Promo support by Umek, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, Fedde Le Grand, Luciano and many more..

A new compilation of our Amsterdam Tech House series which has a various range of Strom artists and remixers with previous unreleased tracks as well as some hot fire crackers from recent releases. A very cool overview of the sound that’s been buzzin’ around Amsterdam and doing pretty well in the rest of the world too.


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Igor Valente – Come dance with me [OneOff001]
Feb 2012 16

A brand new sub label (House) on Strom recordings starts off with a bomb track by Igor Valente. Igor was also responsible for the hit single ‘The beat is rocking’ (Erick E) and he crafted ‘Come dance with me’ into a hot Ibiza tune and intends to spread sunshine all over the club charts.

A catchy hook with a seriously infectious vocal line is all that it takes to make ‘Come dance with me’ a true floorfiller for the rest of 2012.

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Mass Digital – India (remixes by Delgado, James Nidecker, Jonny Calypso)
Apr 2012 12

Promo support by Kid Culture, Luciano, Fedde Le Grand, Steve Lawler, Marcella, Richie Hawtin, Jeroenski, Landmark, Gabriel Ananda and many more…

After the massive Techno album ‘Monster from the Red corner’ Mass Digital comes up with a more tech groove release entitled ‘India’.

Remixes are done by the likes of Delgado, Jonny Calypso and yours truly mr Nidecker and go from solid House grooves to Tribal infested Tech House.

For more info on Mass Digital:

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Sander van Donkelaar & Kevin Rivers – Matahari
May 2012 04

A brand new bomb on One Off recordings by youngsters Sander van Donkelaar & Kevin Rivers who produced this amazing summer House tune which surely will ignite a lot off parties and festivals this summer.

A nice little piano hook transcending into a hot House groove is all that’s needed to get this release going strong.

So check out another hot fire cracker from One Off and enjoy the party!

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Timothy Watt & Farshad Kay – I got something (Furrr & Hazendonk remix)
May 2012 16

Early promo support by Paco Osuna, Hermanez, Steve Lawler, Luciano, Jeroenski, Richie Hawtin, Alex Sandrino, Stefanowitz…

With just a few weeks away from the rays of summer we have a new release coming up from the vaults of Strom which has been sweetly remixed by one of our favorite Dutch producers duo Furrr & Hazendonk. Doing what they do best they have turned the original of ‘I got something’ into a true House groover to keep you bumping around the upcoming festivals.

Be prepared for more funked up releases in the next few weeks cuz we’re getting into a fresh Amsterdam House vibe this summer here at Strom HQ …


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Delgado – Super Green EP
Jun 2012 06

It’s time for a true House ep and with the likes of Delgado (Great Stuff) on board we surely are very pleased to serve you this brand new release on Strom.

Super Green bounces straight into a powerful groove which gives a big thumbs up to the summer days of House music that we loved back in the days.

Fringe goes even one step further and builds into an even more uplifting piece of music which will blast your speakers way up.

Enjoy and support the music.

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Phonic Funk – Changing / Kumale
Jun 2012 25

Promo support by Luca Terzini, Fedde Le Grand, Claude von Stroke, Steve Lawler, Xpansul, Delgado, Paco Osuna, Luciano, Paul Hazendonk, Richie Hawtin and many more..

After the release of Utopia, which skyrocketed and got a huge promo support, we finally arrive at the third in the Phonic Funk series on Strom.

Once again Phonic Funk delivers a great House vibe which suits both House and Tech lovers whith a true Amsterdam groove flavour.

‘Changing’ has Detroit elements but with a more subtle deep house theme underneath it while ‘Kumale’ rocks away with tribal infested beats.

I think you will enjoy this release as much as we have enjoyed the others :-)

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Mike Seaver & James Nidecker – Work that body
Jul 2012 25

Promo support by Tiesto, Umek, Nick K, Marcus Schulz, Matt minimal, Fedde Le Grand, Xpansul, Sander Kleinenberg, Luciano, Steve Lawler, Paco Osuna and Richie Hawtin.

Peak time burner with a twist is what I would describe this new release by Mr Seaver and yours truly. We crafted something that grooves and pops but has a melodic twist to it that bites away niceley on a big fat sound system.

We’re also very happy with the remixes by Tim Roscoe who goes full throttle and bangs away with a real festival burning climax stomper, I love this one!. And finally our new pals Cooperated Souls who recently joined the Strom crew have turned the remix into something electrifying and headed into new territories for Strom which has a flint of Daft Punk vs big room funk.

Eat away and enjoy this new release for your festival season.

X James

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Amsterdam Tech House vol 3 [compilation]
Oct 2012 31

Early promo support from Umek, Steve Lawler, Luciano, Sander Kleinenberg and Richie Hawtin..

Finishing off the summer and heading for ADE 2012 we have prepared a small selection of little pearls from the capitol of Amsterdam. Some previous releases that did very well and we spiced it up with some new stuff from talented producers like Yoram, Cooperated Souls and Farshad Kay.


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Jerome Martinez – Valley of Tears remixes
Jan 2013 02

The latest release on Strom and the first of the new year in 2013 is a remix package from one of our highlights of 2012.
Jerome Martinez’s ‘Valley of Tears’ has superbly been remolded by the likes of Stephen J. Kroos and De Sluwe Vos who went into House grooves while maintaining true to the dancefloor.
Stunning stuff!

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Feb 2013 10

A very strong remix release by Teddy’s Philly Sound of the catchy ‘Come dance with me’ release by Igor Valente.

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When Harry Met Sally & Bondiboyz – I’m a F*ckin Nerd
Oct 2013 10

Another One Off release by the notorious producers duo the Bondiboyz together with one of Amsterdam’s most profiled female DJ’s When Harry Met Sally. Together they produced a catchy club track that already did major damage during the festival season earlier this year and should have no problem to conquer the club circuit towards the end of this year.

The remixes were cleverly produced by other talented Dutch producers Quinten 909 and The Backstabbers which make this release worthy of playing on all levels.

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