Nov 2010 02

DJ set by Amsterdam producer SQL for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Nov 2010 04

DJ set by Roderick Fox for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Nov 2010 23

Live set by Jazper for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Nov 2010 23

DJ set by Dema for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Dema on Facebook

Nov 2010 23

DJ set by Tim Roscoe for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Jan 2011 04

DJ set by Zoutman for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Jan 2011 04

DJ set by Roger Valdez for Strom Sessions Amsterdam broadcasted live @ XT3 Techno radio hosted by James Nidecker.

Jan 2011 10

Show #008 features a new artist of the Strom crew who has just released the amazingly Bucal ep on Strom recordings. From Paris we have DJ/producer Burst who has recorded an exclusive DJ set for us to highlight French tech funk and he will kick off the first hour of the show.

The second hour is a live DJ set by mr Nidecker himself with the latest hotties, promos and some oldies from the label.

Strom Sessions #008 ft Burst
DJ set Burst (1st hour):
01. Homm & Popoviciu – Crush (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records]
02. Fergie – Slazenger (Joseph Capriati Remix) [Excentric Muzik]
03. James Talk – Yogurt Pot [1605]
04. Sam Ball – GKG40 (Original Mix) [Variance Recordings]
05. BURST – Someone else  [xportmusic] (promo)
06. Aaron Adley – Hold My Hand (BURST remix) [unsigned]
07. Anthony Rother Meets Loveparade – The Art Of Love (Pan Pot Rmx) [Ministry Of Sound Germany]
08. Gino’s & Kiko – Spinotti [Signature By Kiko]
09. Ramires – Crunch – Original [FHD Records]
10. BURST – The Human Race [Aenaria Tech]
DJ set James Nidecker (2nd hour):
01. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (Jori Hulkkonen Remix Short Edit) [Turbo recordings]
02. Reset Robot – Tresoli [Roomba music]
03. Zoutman – Paella [Strom recordings]
04. Bassfort – Dixtrit [Freerange records]
05. Jaramillo & Bastien – 6162 [Strom recordings]
06. Tim Roscoe – Madam Dickies [Strom recordings]
07. Burst – Badbeats [Strom recordings]
08. Love Girls – Phofl (Lutzenkirchen remix) [Strom recordings]
09. Sonntagskind – Zu gast (Lordag records)
10. Lemos – Ypomoni [Orpheas]
11.Masters at Work – Freaky [Strictly Rhythm]
Jan 2011 14

#009 of the Strom Sessions show on XT3 techno radio with the first artist on Strom recordings to release an artist album at the end of this year: Stefanowitz

Stefanowitz has been producing and dj-ing for many years and has been releasing some very strong tracks in 2009 en 2010. With his latest track “Snippers” being remixed by Joel Mull en before that “Laterr” with a house re-edit by Dirt Crew Stefanowitz delivered two amazingly colourful releases that charted many DJ’s lists.

For his upcoming album on Strom recordings he will play a DJ set which highlights some of his new tracks and we will do an interview to see how the album came along.

Mar 2011 12

This week we have a duo from Haarlem (The Netherlands) who know how to balance their sounds. No wonder they’re also known as Soundbalance.

It al started when Arno van Varsseveld (aka sound) played at a party which Pascal Bouberg Wilson (aka balance) organized and from that moment on they started making music and organize parties together.
They have a residency at Club Stalker (Haarlem, The Netherlands) with their Chaos club nights and they’re also involved in Haarlem Ondergronds once a year at the Zandvoort Alive festival.

The producer chapter started in 2006 and while they shaped their sound it wasn’t until 2009 that they got their first release (a remix of Suspect Delivery) on Strøm NL. But no doubt from here on we can expect more to come over the next few years. They work together with their studio buddies Von Smir, Mr. Minimalistic, Dansor & Bar le Funk and Pascal is also one of the three members from the “Trio Minus” team together with Von Smir & Mr. Minimalistic.
Arno is also one members of the Dkorg team together with Bar le Funk.
Our Sound….. Another Sound…… Soundbalance

Mar 2011 30

Kicking off show #012 with the incredible active producer/DJ duo from Equador Jaramillo & Bastien who are knocking out release after release with quality minimal tech-house funk on labels like Tongut, Starlight and Strom recordings. After their DJ set I will have a short interview with them to hear how party life in Equador affects these talented producers.Keep an eye out for their two upcoming releases on Strom recordings at the end of the year and in the beginning of 2011.

In the second hour of podcast #012 we have the Irish duo Dualtec who are masters at producing fat tech grooves and they have a very strong release coming up on Strom recordings in the beginning of 2011. They also release on labels such as Deal records, Armada and Kompressor and you should definitely check out their ‘What’s the Jazz’ ep on Central Station Records.

Apr 2011 03

This Session we invited an artist that has been doing very well with his productions recently and even saw his remix for Burst’s “Bucal” (Strom recordings) being buzzed in South America big time.

Michell van Wijngaarden will be doing an exclusive DJ set at the XT3 studios and James will do a short interview with him at the end of his set to see where he is heading with his music and what else is buzzing in his agenda as a DJ.

For more info about Michell you can visit his facebook or his Twitter:

Apr 2011 06

Avrosse (UK) has been charted many times with some excellent and infectious Minimal releases of which ‘That beat’ on Hamburg Aufnahmen charted in Beatport minimal top 10 for weeks in a row. His label Droplet Music surely delivers nothing but quality music and you should definitely check out some of their latest releases like the one by Gaga & Robert Noise which is one of my favourites.

Jaramillo (the other half of Bastien) from Equador also knows ho to lay down a solid groove, crossing between minimal and tech flavoured rhythms and gaining much respect from the scene both in Europe as well in Southern America. With releases on Kling Klong, Limonada and Strom recordings you’ll be damn sure to hear some of his (and Bastien’s) stuff flying around..

Facebook Jaramillo & Bastien

Thursday 7th April 2011
18.00 – 19.00 hrs DJ set by Avrosse
(tracklist will follow the next day)
19.00 – 20.00 hrs DJ set by Jaramillo (tracklist will follow the next day)

For our very first podcast show on XT3 Techno radio we’ve invited two prominent artists that have been swerling in the minimal charts for quite some time and being very succesfull at it too. So indeed, we’re very pleased to kick off this new show with these two talented artists so sit back and enjoy two hours of Minimal on Xt3 Techno radio.



Murderdoll podcast is broadcasted
every Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs CET
on XT3 Techno radio

Upload your demos / DJ sets here

Apr 2011 20

Alex Young has the true blood of minimal running through his veins since the beginning of time which eventually gave him the Beatport award ‘Best Minimal artist 2009’. With countless cool releases on his name and dominating everybody’s DJ crates and charts we’re happy to have this exclusive podcast here on Murderdoll. Check out some of his music on Tiger records, Noir, Definitive or Sleaze records to hear what he is all about.
Facebook Alex Young

Paride Saraceni is surely no stranger to those who have been clubbing cuz his chart banger ‘Alarm’, which he produced together with Dema, has been hammered by many DJ’s recently and the release also included a big fat Lutzenkirchen remix. Lots of great music comes from the hands of this Italian artist so you should definitely check out his podcast here too.

Facebook Paride Saraceni


The Murderdoll podcast is broadcasted
every Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs CET
on XT3 Techno radio

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Apr 2011 28

Roy RosenfelD (Israel, Jerusalem) charted big time last year with his remix of Milton Jackson’s ‘Breath’ which should ring some bells with you cuz it’s a massive record that cuts in your system like a m*thaf*cker.
His production style goes from deep tech house to minimal and his releases always have that cool groove that is supported by many dj’s worldwide.

This DJ set is definitely worth checking out and we’re very happy to have Roy on our Murderdoll podcast.

Aki Bergen (Italy) is another name that holds a record with being in the charts every month. If not with his own minimal and deep house releases then surely with his Neurotraxx labels which dominate the Beatport charts every month and they also have one of the biggest fan base pages on facebook.

Aki’s DJ style goes from house to tech and back via minimal and his DJ set for the Murderdoll podcast is a really cool kick off for the weekend.

The Murderdoll podcast is broadcasted every Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs CET on XT3 radio

May 2011 02

Daniele Petronelli (Italy) is a very active and hard working producer and also the label manager for No-Logik records which has some very cool releases on their name.

He has remixed people like Koen Groeneveld, Tocadisco and Laidback Luke and his own productions are always somewhere in the Beatport top 100. Check out his powerful DJ set for Murderdoll and get blown away by this very talented DJ and producer.

Murderdoll #004 Ft Daniele Petronelli L Xt3 Techno Radio Podcast [1st Hour]
by Strom Recordings Amsterdam on Mixcloud

Mateo & Spirit (Hungary) have been hammering away with some pretty cool trax which you’ve probably heard before in a club but there’s not a lot to find about these two Hungarian producers which makes them a little mysterious. They have releases out on label such as Scareface Records, CutOff Recordings, Flat Belly Recordings and they charted recently with the track ‘Bob’. Their music is pretty solid so just sit back and enjoy their exclusive DJ set here on the Murderdoll podcast.

May 2011 11

Killpixxie a.k.a Rachella Maria B (Canada) is a minimal techno DJ and producer who started to gain radio show spots in 2010 and her first EP Rural Roads released February 2011 climbed to the Top 10 Minimal Downloads on Beatport in 2 weeks. Her range between groovy minimal to eerie, dark techno sounds brings a twist of roof raising and melodic flavor to her mixes, remixes and production. Her charisma and distinctive sound definitely make Killpixxie a name to look out for so check out her set here on Murderdoll.

Flavien Dutal n Momomo aka Morgan Garralon and Gilles Duteau (France) are two minimalized guys from Bordeaux who define their music to be surgical, precise, as finest and as sharp as possible.

That should definitely give you some shizzles down your spine cuz this must be cool stuff coming out of their studios! And it is I can tell you.
So check out their set for Murderdoll of which the duo states that it comes from the inside, speaks to one’s organs and sweetly rubs one’s brain.
You gotta love em already for being poetic :-)

The Murderdoll podcast is broadcasted every Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs CET on XT3 radio

May 2011 11

The Murderdoll minimal podcast is broadcasted every week on Thursday from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs CET on XT3 Techno radio.

Murderdoll is a sub label of Strom recordings (Amsterdam) and hosts a series of exclusive live and DJ sets of various artists and acts that rumble in the low end of the underground minimal scene around the globe. Besides the podcast shows we will also release a series of compilations and one-off releases from guest artists of the show and new talents from the minimal scene.

If you want to submit your music or DJ set to the Murderdoll Podcast Show please send us your track via our dropbox.

Please do not send us download links or mp3 attachments, they will not be accepted.
All music will be listened to but may not make it onto our radio Show.

Due to the amount of music coming through it is almost impossible to contact you directly,
however if you keep an eye out for the playlist of each show you might find your track mentioned.



May 2011 12

Timothy Watt and Farshad Kay just signed the infectious track ‘I got something’ to Strom recordings and this release will definitely shake up the charts cuz it’s rocking 360 all the way.

Expect some wicked tech funk this Tursday with Timothy and Farshad who both will be doing a solo DJ set and we’ll do a little ‘so what are you up to’ interview at the end of their sets.

For more info:

May 2011 18

Landmark’s (Italy) releases and remixes charted like crazy in 2010 and this producer just keeps on rocking the club scene with his powerful productions ranging from minimal to electro tech-house, always focussed on the dance floor.

He hit the no 1 spot in the minimal charts for weeks in a row and since then released a string of tracks and remixes that did equally well in the charts with support from Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Magda, Paco Osuna, Monika Kruse, Roger Sanchez, Benny Benassi and Axwell to name just a fe. In February 2011 Landmark founded THIRTY5 Records & Thirty5 Sessions in collaboration with the THIRTY5 group.

Check out his remix of James Nidecker’s ‘The Fly that Bugs me’ on Strom recordings here:

Sisko Electrofanatik (Italy) is not only a very in demand producer and remixer but also manages the Neurotraxx label. He has had several chart hits in the underground minimal tech sound is being played and loved by DJ’s worldwide. On March 2009 his track “No Control” reached 1 in the Minimal Beatport Chart,and 2nd Place on the nomintation of “The Best Minimal Track 2010″.

Then continuing his chart success with tracks like “Explorer” and “Nyo”, both No. 1 in Minimal Chart, which gave him the visibility and recognition in the electronic music scene. Today, he continues to produce and play with dedication and passion with his very own unique “Electrofanatik” style…

May 2011 25

Hans Bouffmyhre (Paisley, Scotland) is one of the most innovative techno producers of the last few years. Releases on labels such as Viva, Soma and Synewave paved the way for international recognition with support from people like Dubfire, Hawtin, Carola and Lawler…to name just a few.

His own label Sleaze records is also doing pretty damn good and we expect some more cool stuff dropping by this summer by the hands of Bouffmyhre himself on Sleaze. We got hold of an exclusive live set from Hans @ Unsichtbar in Saarbrucken so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Piatto (Italy) is not only a very respected producer and DJ but also label head of Italo Business which surely is one of the best minimal labels that Italy has seen in the last decade. Together with Dandi & Ugo (also label heads) they conquered the world with their banging minimal techno, penetrating right into the hearts of many techno lovers and leaving a trace of low end rhythms that charted on Beatport like crazy.

This set is a must listen for all those that love the minimalistic techno sound from Italy.

Jun 2011 02

Rauwkost have been succesfully conquering the festival season last year as one of the best underground minimal techno live acts in Holland. Their deep and minimalistic live sets blow you away, leaving holes in the ceiling and ruckus on dance floors. They are part of the We Are E crew and run their own label Rauwkost records.

You’re not an idiot if you don’t know their music, but you are when you haven’t seen these guys live…Keep your ‘Like’ button close at hand…

Dandi & Ugo are part of the infamous Italo Business which they’ve set up together with Piatto and are high in demand DJ’s throughout the world. Blasting with an energetic techno precision through your amps they produce the quality minimal techno that drives us to run this radio show. Music from the heart!

Jun 2011 23

Remcord (Paris) has contributed a special live set for this week’s podcast show highlighting some of his latest tracks into one hour of stripped down

Sep 2011 28

Solid Tech House and Techno vibes to keep the summer alive.


  1. Nick Curly- Funf
  2. Cuartero- El Africano
  3. Santos- Hold Home
  4. Deetron- Starblazer
  5. Carlo Caldareri- Bolly Touch(Mendo & Yvan Genkins Remix)
  6. Shlomi Aber- Taped and Gorgeous(Nic & Mark Fanciulli Remix)
  7. Ron Costa & Giuliano Tomass- Friday BRC
  8. Ron Costa- La Cage Invisible
  9. MRI- Red Caix
  10. Me- Red Flag
  11. Macromism- Groover
  12. Harvey McKay- Show Face
  13. Eats Everything- Entrance Song
  14. KId Culture & Thomas Robson- Starstruck
  15. Paul Harris & Alex Tepper- Mumbo Gumbo
  16. Nikola Gala- The Beginning
  17. Slam- Black Gold
  18. Nuta Cookier- Maschine Groove(Marco Bailey & Tom Hades Remix)
  19. Rino Cerrone- Basic Rude
  20. Locomatica vs. Don Ruijgrok- House U(Dualtec Remix)
  21. Dubfire vs. Oliver Humtemann- Diablo(Carlo Lio Remix)
  22. Gary Beck- Egoist
  23. Dualtec- Operator
  24. Alex Dolby Santos- Raw Road(Carlo Lio Remix)
Oct 2011 17

This is an exclusive mix Phonic Funk did for! Visit the site here:

Oct 2011 23

New podcast by Mark Mywords who is the latest member of the Strom artist crew. Lots of his own productions in this mix too so check out the tracklisting.

Oct 2011 29

Deep and dark Techno podcast from Gabryel Casse (Spain). Watch out for his upcoming track on Strom in November on the Amsterdam Tech-House vol 2 compilation.

Oct 2011 30

:: tech-house l minimal l house ::
This podcast is a recording of the Lovin L’ectro club night @ LVC (The Netherlands) where Foam was the main theme…kinda like Ibiza, but smaller :-). With residents Tomaschek and Guido Neve and special guest James Nidecker.

Nov 2011 01

A well balanced darker side of Estroe’s musical DJ flow in this new Strom podcast. Also check out her latest remix of Stefanowitz’s “Dwangwant” which is out now on Strom recordings.

Stefanowitz “Dwangwant” (Estroe remix)
Buy on Beatport:

Nov 2011 06

:: Deep Tech House ::

Enjoy this new Strom podcast ft Lerio Corrado (Italy) who goes very moody with some dark flavoured grooves and deep tech minimalistic house beats. Perfect for a Sunday morning to wake up to and rising towards a night out on the town.

facebook lerio Corrado

Nov 2011 13

This week’s podcast is by tha hands of Bastien (Ecuador), one half of minimal techno producers duo Jaramillo & Bastien. Crafting his minimalistic deep n dark techno into a cool Dj set has certainly got us going freak dancin at the Strom office.


Check out releases by Bastien on Strom here:

Nov 2011 15

Hans Wolters is one of the earliest artists to ever release on Strom recordings with the not so typical release called “$.e.x.”. Together wth label boss James Nidecker Hans produced this bitch slapping track that rocked many clubs at the time with a deep and dark remix by Secret Cinema.

Check out this golden nugget mix from Hans here @ Mixcloud…

Nov 2011 19

The 2nd mix by Estroe goes into a warm and soothing bath of electronic beats and Detroit Techno. Also check out Estroe’s remix of ‘Dwangwant’ (taken from Stefanowitz’ Zeitgeist album) below.

For more info on Estroe:

Nov 2011 24

With the release of his album ‘Zeitgeist’ earlier this year on Strom recordings and the remix series in October it should only be justified that Stefanowitz does a two series podcast for Strom. Check out part 1 here which is beautifully crafted by the hands of this talented producer who keeps on surprising us at the office with his soothing taste for music.

Listen to the ‘Zeitgeist’ album here
Listen to ‘Zeitgeist’ remixes here

Dec 2011 02

With his latest release doing pretty good on rotation we had to bring in a new dj set by Mark’s here on the Strom podcast. A little tougher then he would normally spin, but it’s still cool stuff coming from the hands of this good ol’ Dutch Tech-House producer.

Dec 2011 09

This week’s podcast is from Mass Digital crafting a cool Techno set with a darker edge. Also check out his latest Techno album ‘Monster from the Red Corner’ which is out now on Strom recordings.

Mass Digital “Monster from the Red Corner”
Listen here:

Dec 2011 20

This week’s podcast is by Remcord (Paris) who’s mixed a very tight tech house set with lots of Strom goodies packed inside of it. His upcoming release entitled ‘Napoulis’ on Strom will be out in January and features remixes by Mark Mywords and yours truly mr Nidecker with promo support by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Hermanez, Steve Lawler and many more..

Jan 2012 08

This week’s podcast is by Jerome Martinez who just released the beautiful ‘Valley of tears’ on Strom recordings which is supported by none other than Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Remy, Axwell and many more.

This podcast resides a bit more towards Martinez’s House vibe so enjoy this deep tech groove set and also check out his release on Beatport here:

Mar 2012 02

This new podcast episode is by label head mr Nidecker himself with a tracklisting that contains several recent nuggets from the vaults of Strom recordings.

Mar 2012 23

This episode of the Strom podcast is by Han Wolters (aka Roger Valdez) who goes down into the underground side of House Music.

Apr 2012 13

With a very cool remix of ‘India’ (by Mass Digital) on Strom recordings this month we very much like to welcome Delgado into our Strom crew. This podcast is a live set recorded @ Industrial Copera (Spain), a Blend Of Jacking, Deep Grooving Tech House…..

Apr 2012 23

With a new techno monster release on John Aquaviva’s Definitive label (which charted the Techno top 100) we’re very happy to have Roderick deliver this new Podcast release for Strom. Enjoy this new mix which a bumping and grinding low end pack of fat beats, courtesy of Mr Fox…

May 2012 02

A new episode with Jerome Martinez who’s remix ep of ‘Valley of Tears’ is coming up this summer with some great remixes on board. So watch out for that one.
If you want to check out the original then you can find it here:

Sep 2012 23

A brand new podcast featuring De Sluwe Vos who recently joined Strom. He is a producer who remixed the incredible track ‘Valley of Tears'(by Jerome martinez) which will be released in October 2012 on Strom recordings and his choice of old school and deep House music is tasty and delicious.
Sit back, relax and enjoy this weekend remix with some proper soothing House tunes..