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Alex Bizzaro and A. Tee from Italy are working together since 2009 and share a passion for electronic music. They have produced a couple of strong releases so far and both do various minimal/tech house releases on labels like Strom, Polar Noise and Incase and in 2010 we will hear a lot of fresh new work from them.

Solo and back 2 back they are in demand in italy as DJ’s and their sets are full of tech-house energy.

Sep 2010 17


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From the underground of Paris comes DJ/producer Burst who’s influences of house, minimal and tech-house shine through like a diamond in the rough. His story starts in 2000 when he puts the finishing touch to his mix techniques combining hip hop & drum’n’bass but not long after that side step he returns to his first love, techno music.

Producing seemed unavoidable and he swiftyly learned the technique in the studio with lots of experimentation and late night jams. His musical style can be described as a rocket of percussive grooves, pounding sub bass and pulsating rhythms guaranteed to rock any dance floor.

Sep 2010 17

Chris Fortier is an American DJ and founder of the Balance Record Pool as well as co-founder and owner of Fade Records. Fortier’s DJ-ing covers a range of styles from dark progressive to minimalist techno. He is well known for being a central figure in the development of electronic dance music in the United States as both a DJ and founder of the Balance Record Pool. Until he discovered house music, Fortier’s primary hobby was surfing

Sep 2010 17

Dandi & Ugo0

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The Dandi & Ugo duo is born from a strong friendship and a great passion for techno music successively performing in clubs in Rimini and Riccione’s in Italy.

After a decade of DJ sets they decide to switch to making music thus starting a new adventure that takes them to prestigious labels such as Re>>Vox records, Lasergun, Great Stuff and LuxaFlex records.

They also are very succesful with remixing artists like Marc Houle, Gregor Tresher, Martin Eyerer and many others.

In 2006, together with Alessandro Piatto ( N.O.I.A / Klein & Mbo) and successively Fabio Giannelli, they decide to open their own label ‘ITALO BUSINESS RECORDS’.

Sep 2010 17

David Keno0

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David Keno was born 1979 in Berne, Switzerland. He started learning classical instruments like guitar and drums when he was 12. After playing in different rock bands he discovered his love to electronic music. He bought a drum machine and an old Korg synthesizer and started experimenting with it. It took a few years until he was ready to show the results to someone but it was worth the wait. The guys from the Pocketgame label loved his melodic tracks and signed him for his first record: Vernis – Bubble Bath EP which came with a fantastic Trentemoeller remix. From that time things even got better.

He released on labels like I220, Zenit, Meerestief, Karateklub, ELP and made Remixes for Samuel L. Session, G-Man, da Fresh, Robert Drewek, Hugg&Pepp, DK8 and even the old 80-ies heroes Trans-X wanted a remix for their “living on video” that came out on ZYX Music. The next step in his carreer had to be his own label so that he could really make his own thing without compromises.

In January 2007 Keno Records 01 was released with huge success. David Keno � Liquid was played by underground and commercial DJs and could be found in playlists from Martin Eyerer, Chopstick, Karotte, Tiefschwarz und Tiga. In David Keno’s DJ sets or also as a Livect his musical range goes from minimal techno to electro and house. Very floor-oriented but often with a certain melodic touch. Maybe these are his roots from the 80ies shining through.

Sep 2010 29


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Pietro De Marco, aka Dema (Great Stuff l Strom), is a young talented artist from Italy who is one of the new minimal-techno artists to dominate the Beatport charts in 2010. Fascinated by every kind of music since he was a young boy he begins its first productions in 2008. Success comes immediately in November with the release of the track “Tarocco” on the German label AUTIST Records: the track enters in the charts of most big name dj’s and reaches the number 19 on the Beatport International Chart.

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In 2009 is comes the first production in collaboration with Paride Saraceni: “Ctrl Alt Del” on Substudio and immediately after “Traffic” by Escapism Musique. These are supported and played by very dj’s like Paco Osuna, Danilo Vigorito, Joseph Capriati, The Dolphins, Re: Axis, Minimorph and many other dj’s and immediately enters the Beatport Charts. In October 2009 his first vinyl is being released and it reaches the 5th position in the chart of best seller vinyl in Germay and is played and supported by Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Dubfire, Marco Bailey and many more…

From 2010 every vinyl and digital release from Dema enters the top position on Beatport,, Juno, and others store. New works will be released soon with big collaborations like Lutzenkirchen, Mihalis Safras, Roland. M Dill, D.Carbone, Mark Broom, Danilo Vigorito, Per Hammar, Piatto, Citizen Kain, Robot Needs Oil, Joy Kitikonti and more;

In all his work Dema co-produces together with long time friend Axel.

Dema is also Label Manager of Diva Records, one of the most refreshing new labels of the minimal techno scene. And he is on Club Style FM with his own monthly radio show. Club Style FM is one of the most important network in the world that broadcasting live from New York and contains shows from Tiesto, Axwell, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Deadmau5,  Armin Van Buuren and Laidback Luke.

Dema is part of Kava – Artists Management

Booking Info for Dema

Italy/Worldwide: Marisol Recalde

Skype: marisolrecalde

Germany/Swiss/Austria/Poland: Jens Schroder

skype: jensschroederlive

Sep 2010 17

Dirt Crew

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2004 Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 launched Dirt Crew Recordings after releasing their first EP’s “Cleaning up the Ghetto Part 1+2” on MBF. The track “Rok Da House” became one of the key records of 2004, the beginning of the Electro House hype and a big hit that gave the guys worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Also Moodmusic released two 12’s with the brilliant “808 Lazerbeam” and “Darkside” in 2004 and the “Domino” E.P. in 2005, but things really got wild when they remixed Sasse’s “Soul Sounds” which again went straight in the charts and was voted one of the best remixes of 2005 in the german “Groove” magazine and has been dropped by all major DJ’s. They also remixed the first single of the „Who made Who“ album on Gomma in 2005 and made classic remixes for artists and labels like Jennifer Cardini, Silicone Soul, 2020 Vision, Crosstownrebels, Freerange and Breastfed.

Due to their success and productivity they decided to start up their own labels named Dirt Crew Recordings and Players Paradise. Straight from the start Dirt Crew Recordings went off into the charts with the super massive remix of “Largo” by Dominik Eulberg who has set his path for success with this particular remix and is now one of Germans leading producers. But also the hot first single by Dirt Crew “What you Want” released in October 2004 is still a highlight in the whole retro old school scene.With the massive singles of James Flavour, Break 3000, Tigerskin and Jennifer Cardini the label proved to have an excellent output. With new artist like Prudo, Adultnapper, Sian and Drum Cult the label expands its view on quality house and minimalistic sounds. Combining these new artists with well known heroes of the scene like Andre Kraml and Spirit Catcher proved to be the key of success. Dirt Crew Recordings will follow this path in the future and will keep on promoting da real house sound.

Their second label Players Paradise was launched in 2005 as an offspring of Dirt Crew Recordings because the guys wanted to promote other genres as well in their catalogue and also this label took off really fast with the first two singles by Sweet Slave and Martinez. Taking it even deeper and more towards deep house but still combining it with the new crisp sound from the minimal scenes. Big remixes from Mike Monday and Serge Santiago got the people moving to the dirty sound and with new faces like the italian producer Marcello Giordani who presents his Italo-house grooves or Glasgows Mash with his sleazy Nu-Disco tracks the Dirt Crew also shows the world that there’s more to house music.

Oct 2010 01


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After spending their teenage years watching their heroes from the crowd, Dualtec (Ray Taff & Colman Buckley) decided it was time to get behind the decks and become more than just a spectator. Their paths crossed in college while studying Sound Engineering and Music Production. They quickly realised they shared similar passions and music tastes and began to produce music together. They worked hard in the studio and classroom and quickly began to forge their own production style.

Dualtec warm up mix

In the club they were fast gaining a reputation for their DJ abilities and gigs began to pour in, in some of Irelands finest clubs supporting some of the worlds finest DJs. Success then followed when they signed their first record deal in 2009 to great success recieving support from heavyweights like Richie Hawtin & John Selway. They built on this and more deals and releases followed with good chart success and worldwide DJ support.

This caught the attention of labels from Europe (Strom Recordings) to as far as Brazil (Club66 Records) and also DJ Mag who included upcoming track ‘Whats The Jazz’ on their celebratory ’15 Years in Ibiza’ CD Compilation. Dualtec have just completed their new studio, a testament to years of hard work and investment. They are very excited as it ushers in a new dawn for their production and inables them to begin work on their first album along with remixes and originals.

With many big releases upcoming on some of europes finest labels and remix work on the way with some very exciting DJs, 2011 is gearing up to be a big year for the Irish duo.

Watch this space

For more info:

Jun 2011 26

In the soulful grey area between house and techno, this duo from Nijmegen have grown these past two years into an act that you can’t take for granted.

Pim van der Burgt and Djordje Petrovic joined forces two years ago under the international name El Mundo & Satori. The first one started his career as a DJ with a good sense of catchy grooves, while the last part of the duo has a background as a jazz musician. Their skills combined resulted in a warm, electronic sound, with funk and jazz as key ingredients.

The duo knows how to take their sultry and catchy studio sound to the dance floor, accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm and passion.

The relatively young cooperation has led to performances during festivals such as Emporium, Obsession Outdoor, Matrixx at the Park and Smeerboel on the beach plus clubs like Studio 80, Doornroosje and AIR. The tracks, ‘Jazz Tango’, ‘Gotta Help’ (together with Kid Culture), ‘The Boat That Rocked’, ‘Café Latte’, ‘The Purist’ and ‘Men With Moustashes’ have opened the door to the abroad and their music is supported by internationally renowned artists Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Karotte and Luciano.

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“I get restless when I can’t work on my own melodies. It’s such a good outlet for my emotions..”

Together with techno hotties like Anja Schneider, Mistress Barbara and Monika Kruse, Dutch. Estroe belongs to an elite club of female DJ’s that made it to the top. Born in Zutphen as Esther Roozendaal, raised near Amsterdam and currently living in Rotterdam, she has been dj-ing since 1998.

Whether it’s behind the turntables in the famous Fuse in Brussels, the Watergate in Berlin or an underground club in Rumania, Estroe knows how to tune in and drop the right beats. She likes to play versatile, techno infused sets with room for deep undercurrents as well as pure dancefloor work. Her style is warm, subtle but at the same time very energetic.

Things really took off when Estroe started producing her own tracks back in 2003. In hindsight it was an unconscious response to the skull breaking beats of those days. “I missed the soul in much techno back then and felt the need to make something myself.”She learned everything there was to know about hard- and software. Her spacious Rotterdam apartment fills with laughter when Estroe thinks back of those days. “For months I tried every piece of music software I could get my hands on. Till I finally got it right. It was important for me that I could produce tracks myself, without the help of an established producer.” Nowadays Estroe even gives workshops on Ableton.

In her first productions Estroe went back to the early days of Detroit techno. Back when people like Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin and the British group The Black Dog found the soul in their machines. With her sophisticated, warm and elegant style she soon appeared on the radar of dj’s like Laurent Garnier, Ripperton and John Digweed. The latter was blown away by Estroe’s minimalist masterpiece Driven and promptly asked her for a remix on his Bedrock label. Another strong supporter is techno don Dave Clarke who has booked her for his White Noise parties on more than one occasion.

Estroe remix of Stefanowitz’ “Dwangwant” (Zeitgeist album)

On Estroe’s delicate productions it’s not about maximum compression, distorted hi-hats or full on bassdrums. No, it’s about atmosphere. “I try to target people’s emotional spot, being it comfort, peace or excitement”, she says about her music’s primary aim. But make no mistake, singles like Waiting For The Rollercoaster (Eevonext), The Futuroscope EP (Snejl) are clearly ment for adventurous dancefloors worldwide. In 2009 she releases her debut album Elemental Assets (Connaisseur) which features Miss Kittin on vocals. Recently Estroe has been rediscovering the darker sides of techno in her dj-sets, something which will no doubt translate in her future productions.

With her ability to mould sounds into beautiful shapes, Estroe has become an in demand remixer in recent years. Some of her best work was done for others, like Tim Wolff, Art Bleek and Rocco Caine, who’s Fathorn 50 made it to M.A.N.D.Y.’s Body Language-compilation. “It’s as much a compliment as it is a frustration”, she smiles. “Apparently I’m pretty good in picking the right ingredients from a track I like.”

Together with Stefan ‘Terrace’ Robbers Estroe runs a label. An institute almost. EevoNext is one of the oldest dance labels in the Netherlands, spanning over twenty years of Dutch techno. EevoNext releases classics from the Dutch techno vaults but also breaks new talent. That’s where Estroe comes in. “I like to scout and coach new talent”, she admits. “I’ve been in this business long enough to know the pitfalls.”

Exactly the reason why she’s involved in the Dutch Audio Platform, a clever way for small labels to share knowledge and resources. Estroe: “The dance scene is rejuvenating at an incredible speed. Much knowledge is lost and reinvented along the way, which is a real shame if you ask me.”

Another promising project is Estafête, a ‘girls only dj-team’ consisting of Monica Electronica, Lin and Estroe. “No I’m not a fanatic feminist but I do miss the femininity in the dj-world sometimes”, she states. It’s not only more fun with two other women behind the mixer, it’s also very inspiring.” With Estafête we constantly challenge each other, which translates in better dj-sets.”

With a filled agenda and an inbox full of remix requests, changes are high you’ll be dancing to an Estroe tune this weekend. Asked if she has any regrets she gave up her day job years ago, she fiercely shakes her head. “This is what I always wanted: to make good music and to play it out.”

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May 2011 20

Farshad Kay

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With a successful DJ history going back to the days of the iT, Farshad Kay has definitely earned some points for being on top of the game in the Amsterdam House scene. While his latest releases cross over between underground house and tech-house, he certainly knows his way around the studio, usually spending 24 hour marathons in the studio to create that fat house sound that the Dutch are known for.

His release ‘I got something’ with Timothy Watt on Strom recordings has fingerlickin’ good all over it and is supported by Mark Knight, Lawler, Hawtin and many more…

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Sep 2010 17

Straight out of Amsterdam Ferreck Dawn has been releasing a string of tech- and deep house 12 inches on labels like Dirty Soul, Smoke records, Strom recordings, Melomane, Manual Music, Kitsam and 4Kenzo recordings and many more.

While constantly pushing himself to create music that doesn’t file under the usual or current house trends, Ferreck has no barriers to crossover between various styles thus creating a rich and varied output of quality releases of electronic dance music.

In 2009 One of Holland’s biggest house organisations (Extrema) discovered Ferreck and signed him to their artist roster, pushing him to international recognition.

Sep 2010 17
Saturday 4th of July 2009 our friend and label mate Fokko Versloot passed away after an accident in his home at the young age of 26.
It’s a great loss for the music industry that such a young and talented producer couldn’t fulfill his aspiring role as an artist on his way to the top.
Your music will live on forever…memories not forgotten..

Saturday 4th of July 2009 our friend and label mate Fokko Versloot passed away after an accident in his home at the young age of 26.It’s a great loss for the music industry that such a young and talented producer couldn’t fulfill his aspiring role as an artist on his way to the top.Your music will live on forever…memories not forgotten..

Sep 2010 27

When DJ/Producer Franklin Reeves (1983) got notice of housemusic in 1993, he was immediately caught by the virus. Inspired by the early days of house and the famous Roxy club Franklin decided it was time to control the decks himself.  After his first gig in front of a big crowd (RedBull Full Moon Party) it all went upwards for him.

Soon he played at parties like Dance Valley, Exrema, Mysterland and later at This is..(Sander Kleinenberg), Festival Lief and in clubs like Paradiso, Escape, Studio 80, Hotel Arena and Now&Wow. He also flew to Sweden (Jonkoping) and Turkey (Bodrum) to do more gigs.

Franklin developed his style from funky house back then to a unique style of rolling deep/techhouse nowadays, as long as the groove is there! Always ready to please the crowd with the finest tunes. Nowadays he is also producing his own music. And with success. Several tracks of him were played on national and international radio (Dance Department, BBC 1).

A few years ago he met Jeroen van Meeteren and Bart Heideman from 90Watts Records and soon he developed his own techy style which fitted perfectly on this Amsterdam based label.

Always inspired by the early clubscene from the 90’s he’s making deep-house and tech-house which receive many good respones from DJ´s like Paul Hamill, Chris Boshell, Mr. Jones, Tim Andresen, Nick K, Dennis Ruyer, James Nidecker, Lin, Marcella and Angelo D’Onorio.

Oct 2010 17

Hans Wolters

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Roger Valdez is one of the earliest artists to ever release on Strom recordings with the not so typical release called “$.e.x.”. Together wth label boss James Nidecker Roger Valdez produced this bitch slapping track that rocked many clubs at the time with a deep and dark remix by Secret Cinema.

Nowadays Roger Valdez has been producing music that crosses between House, disco, electro, Detroit and minimal and his DJ sets have that same influence with music from the past and banging stuff from the future. Under his monniker Hawk he does very cool re-edits of disco and other jackin sleazy stuff.

For more info:

Sep 2010 17

The extravagant DJ, producer and label owner James Nidecker comes from the electronic avantgarde with his roots going back to the punk and alternative metal scene, something that still vividly shows in his performance, music and DJ style. Behind the turntables the man definitely has his own way of improvising and combining vocals, weird effects and abstract sounds to his pumping crossover of Techno, Minimal, House and electro DJ sets.

Influenced by 80’s new wave, Detroit Techno, Punk and Electro Rock, James set up his own imprint Strøm recordings to let loose the musical and creative freakiness and blow some holes in a life that should be less ordinary.

Sep 2010 26

From Equador Daniel Jaramillo and Roberto Bastidas (aka Bastien) are working together as “Jaramillo & Bastien” since 2008. Their powerful tech minimal music has put them on the map as the next big thing from Southern America their music is not limited to one genre only but goes from deep techno to latin house and their sound is always marked by one constant  quality factor…groove!

Jaramillo & Bastien have released for labels such as: Starlight, Multivitamins, Strom, Limonada, Airdrop and T-Bahn amongst others and tracks like Sleepy Edit, Bloco and So Saxy have been in the top of the best sellers charts of Beatport, Whatpeopleplay and many more.

Their tracks are very succesful and played and ranked by artists like Tony Rhor, M_Ferri, Mathias Mesteño, Tim Green, DJ Sneak, Marcelo Rosselot, etc.

Together they own “La Pirada Ecuador,” branch of the famous argentinean company “La Pirada Latam,” an all media audio production and postproduction company which already counts with local projects for big names such as MTV and Bora-Bora.

As mixing and mastering ingeniers they have worked for labels like: Cadenza, Los Andes Music, Tongut, Mindsounds, and more.

Their performance in clubs is considered neat, consistent and well driven. They have played in Bahrein, Levitar (Arg), Trotamundos, Gran Central, Me robo el corazon (Chi), etc.

With a great list of upcoming releases –some in 12”– 2010 was (and still is) an excellent year for the duo.

For more info, contact J&B via e-mail:

Oct 2011 05

Jeff Bennett

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Jeff Bennett is a Swedish music producer and a DJ who started creating music in 1994 and got hooked on it directly, but it took until 1998 before his first single was to come out on his own label Maskros Music. Since that single he has released over 150 singles on labels like Poker flat, Episode, Treibstoff, Kickin Music, Konvex Konkav, Plastic City, Global Underground, regular etc. Appearing on over 200 compilations worldwide.

Jeff also produces Lounge Music under the name Eddie Silverton and runs the labels Kung Fu Dub Recordings and Phunctional Loungin Recordings.

His music would categorize as a blend of Tech-house, Detroit and Minimal with a touch of dub.

His upcoming release “Exoplanet” is out in October/November on Strom recordings.

Jeff Bennett Facebook
Jeff Bennett Twitter

Sep 2010 17


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When she DJs, she offers a very danceable choice of minimal-techno-pop. In the years that she has been DJing professionally, Jenn performed at some exclusive festivals and clubs in Germany including SonneMondSterne Festival, Locca – Weimar, Factory – Hanover, Rakete – Nürnberg, Präzisionswerk – Leipzig and many more.

She has also been a guest at different radio sessions such as Radio Fritz – Rave Satellite, Radio e-volution, Radio hbw, Viva La Electronica.

Sep 2010 17

Joel Mull

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Joel Mull is a rare breed amongst electronic Music producers. Classically trained on the piano from a young age, Joelʼs musical understanding goes beyond the traditional primal dance floor dynamics often associated with techno. As such Joel occupies a special place within the scene, respected for not just his forward-thinking musical output and long, winding sets of deep and melodic tones but also for being a hard-working professional who has spent his time well, progressively working his way up the techno ladder with a consistent, clearly defined musical style.

A product of the small but highly productive scene that has grown up in Stockholm, it comes as no surprise that Joelʼs discography is heavy on associations with other key players in the creation of the distinctive Swedish techno sound such as Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback and Cari Lekebusch. 2010 will see Joel appear on Dahlback newly launched International Sound Laboratory label, remixing Cari Lekebusch ʻCold Bloodʼ while there will be follow ups to his Forming Dies and Passing Through singles on Drumcode and Truesoul including the release of Joelʼs third artist album.

As a DJ, Joel brings the same qualities he has exhibited in his studio work to the live arena. Comfortably combining music from across a range, Joel is a dynamic and interactive DJ who blends rolling basslines, harmonic synths, and energetic percussions to craft an infectious and atmospheric sound. Most at home when building the marathon sets that allow him to explore the range of his musical inspiration, the Joel Mull sound has become a key part of the Drumcode events at which Joel enjoys a privileged residency and regularly plays back-to-back with Adam Beyer.

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Jonny Calypso
Apr 2012 13

Having grown into a family of musicians from his father side, both uncle and father were renowned musicians from Italy in the mid 80’s, Jonny was well exposed in to music from classical to popular music of that time. At a very young age, and as can only be expected, he learns his way around the keyboards and drums with the sole intention to play his rendition of groups like KLF, Snap and Run DMC. By his teen years in the 90’s, he moves on into fronting as a singer in several Rock bands and Hip Hop groups, learning and absorbing musical knowledge and comprehension of all kinds of music.

It was soon there after he discovers his true musical calling in the Electronic Music Industry, leading to the end result we all know as Jonny Calypso. Starting his DJ career at the end of the 90’s in small clubs and pubs, Jonny decides to take a break to asses where and what he should do next. It was not until 2007 that we see his return to the decks. But once again, he finds himself not yet satisfied.

In 2008, after meditation and trying to find what it was he was missing, is when he realizes that not only does he has the need for beats manipulation, but he has the dire craving for bringing out his own sound, which is the reflection and expression as to who he really is and because.

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Sep 2010 27

This Romanian/Dutch duo started to work together 2 years ago. And after some time they found their own unique sound wich is a mixture of Techno, Tech House and Minimal. Nowadays they are signe to labels like: Diva Records, Strom Recordings and Vintage Records. And they got tracks charted on serveral download portals like: Beatport, Trackitdown and Dance-Tunes.

DJ set Jazper

Sep 2010 17

Koen Lebens0

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Koen Lebens started off with playing the drums, producing own tracks with a couple of buckets and some wooden sticks and eventually buying his own drumkit.
Nowadays Koen has developed his skills as an entertainer, performer, artist, producer, clown and manager. His style can best be described as an elegant mix of both minimal house and funky techno. Musik ist das Licht ihres Lebens. Jawohl!

December (2007) he releases his first record will appear at the infamous label of Outland Records, based in Amsterdam. The track ‘Circus’ , which he produced together with Fokko Versloot, is doing massive rotation and being played by artists like Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Benny Rodrigues, Bart Skils, Dave Ellesmere, Joris Voorn, Massi DL and many more.

Mar 2011 11


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His releases and remixes charted like crazy in 2010 and this producer from Italy just keeps on rocking the club scene with his powerful productions ranging from minimal to electro tech-house, always focussed on the dance floor.  He hit the no 1 spot in the minimal charts for weeks in a row and since then released a string of tracks and remixes that did equally well in the charts with support from Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Magda, Paco Osuna, Monika Kruse, Roger Sanchez, Benny Benassi and Axwell to name just a fe.

In February 2011 Landmark founded THIRTY5 Records & Thirty5 Sessions in collaboration with the THIRTY5 group (

Landmark – Miami Live Set

RA page

Sep 2010 17

Love Girls

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Hailing from the Netherlands, this mysterious duo is releasing records on labels such as Little Mountain Recordings, Vandit, Pacha and Strøm recordings. They are known for their major club hit ‘Chicks On Planes’ and remarkable remixes of tracks like David Keno’s Replika, Alex M.O.R.P.H’s Photograph and LeRon & Yves Eaux’ Almighty Funk and it looks like ‘Love Girls’ is the next best thing from Amsterdam.

Artists like Sander Kleinenberg, Remy, Tiesto, Matthew Dekay and Paul van Dyk are just a few names who give massive support to their tracks.
Only question remains…who are these ‘Love Girls’?

Sep 2010 19

The Story so far – Men of the moment and flavours of the month come and go, as the phrases suggest. It’s relatively easy to get a short-term buzz in dance music – but in these days of limitless downloads and increasing disposability, few hotshots have got it what it takes to go the distance.Lützenkirchen is one name that refuse to go away. Munich’s foremost electro-techno exponent has moved effortlessly between underground and overground success in recent years – scoring a German Top 10 chart hit with the huge 3 Tage Wach while putting out a prolific, consistent stream of cool and credible club tracks, all a decade after he first began producing.

From his huge remixes for the likes of John Digweed and Coburn to his outstanding 2008 artist album Pandora Electronica, the power and quality of his productions rarely slip. Meanwhile his acclaimed live sets continue to grow in reputation, his charismatic stage presence bringing a breath of fresh air to the usual limp and lifeless laptop workout.Tobias Lützenkirchen’s roots in the music game go way back to 1992, when he first appeared on record as singer. After immersing himself in his love dance music by working as a promoter in Ibiza in 1995, he worked as a professional background vocalist and songwriter on some major projects from 1996 to 1999, before succumbing to the house and techno bug that had been slowly consuming him.

Some 20+ aliases, artist names and collaborative groups later, Lützenkirchen was born in 2005 – the name with which he would finally become a global star. Blending infectious, jacking techno grooves with dirty electro sounds and dashes of house, his sounds is electronic as they come, but with a real sense of funk that makes his music accessible to a wide range of DJs, clubbers and part-time dance music enthusiasts. He doesn’t follow the musical crowd – but that’s not to say that he doesn’t know how to keep the music fresh. Continually striving to innovative and evolve his sound, you can always count on him to push things forward – rather than copying the latest hotshot or ripping off endless old records.

He only began his DJ career in 2006, when the success of his productions began to bring booking requests from around the world, and by 2008 he had switched to performing pure live sets. But whether he’s playing to 300 people in a sweaty provincial German nightclub, or to 35,000 at a huge festival, his enthusiasm and passion are the same. The last two years have seen him play in every continent at least twice, with 8 tours of Brazil in the past 3 years alone. Despite this heavy travel schedule, he remains one of the most prolific producers around – with a level of quality that few can match.He’s not about hype, trends, fads or jumping on bandwagons – Lützenkirchen lets his music speak for itself. And 10 years on, it’s still telling quite a story…


Lutzenkirchen live mix 05 2009

Nov 2011 17

Mark Mywords

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Sep 2010 17

Marten Fisher is known for his energetic style of deejaying in a mixture of techno, house and minimal. Inspired by the house tapes that his older sister gave him in the early 90’s, Marten Fisher turned his commodore 64 into a studio tool and started producing his first beats.

In 2003 he released his first release and nowadays he has build up quite a nice catalog with releases and remixes on labels like 90watts Records, Strom Recordings, Bad Girls, Travels, XXXflicks and of course his own Proghouse label Dub=records.

Marten’s tracks and remixes are supported by Gabriel Ananda, Dennis Ruyer, Gimmik, The Scumfrog, Juan Sanchez, Toni Rios, Paul Hazendonk, Warren fellow and many more.

Oct 2011 14

Mass Digital

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Boris Mijolic, known by his artist name Mass Digital was born on 13 February 1987 in Novi Sad, Serbia. He is actualy one of the big young upcomings on the global scene and he has won a few remix contests, including a big remix contest by toplabel Blu Fin for Tomy De Clerque’s track “Lowin” with a big first price (Mass Digitals debut EP on Blu Fin).

He has signed to big labels like Pacha Records – Dub Records – Neurotraxx and many and he remixes & co-produces with global artist around the clock. We can certainly look back on 2011 as a big year for this young serbian artist on his way to more success and supported by the top of the techno scene.
Mass Digital Myspace

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Sep 2010 17

With a mix of tech-house, minimal and groovy techno this deejay’s only projective is a to make the crowed go wild. Not like many other deejays he didn’t learn to spin in his attic but started right at small party’s. Without ever having a set of turn-tables he soon played in several clubs and became resident of the cityhall clubnights in Leiden.
Besides deejaying he nowadays spends a lot of time in the studio and his first release – ‘Play me’ – will be out in 2008 on the label Strøm Recordings.

Myspace Menasse Workala

Nov 2010 30

Born and raised in the Residency City “The Hague” in The Netherlands, Michell van Wijngaarden found out his obsession for music on a very young age. At age of 10, he started to spin on parties for fun in social youth facilities and drive-in shows. This enthusiastic behavior got rewarded later on in his career. In the nineties he was the first one who recognized Belgium talent Frank de Wulff and started to throw a Belgium-Techno-House party in “the Sater” in Leidschendam. These parties were a huge success which resulted Michell was asked to play in several clubs/events. Parkzicht (Rotterdam), Rave the City afterparty’s (The Hague), 909 Bassline (Scheveningen) and some clubs in Mallorca are worth to mention.

At the age of 20 he reached the fourth place on the Dutch DJ mixing championships final in Rotterdam. Next to dj-ing and radio making for a couple Pirate and local radiostations, producing was another hobby. Several Vinyl EP..s were released with the 909 Bassline crew with a nr 1 hit in the dance charts (M.I.C.HELL van Wijngaarden, DJ Gizmo(F. Salee) ) Jerry Wolffman (Rockwellers) on House Records and Belgium techno pioneers label Music Man. Also Michell did a solo track “the Games” on DadaRekords. Due to health problems Michell had to quit the scene.

A decade later: 2009 was the year of the resurrection, never lost the feeling for music during his absence, it is time to hit the decks and keys again. Dj-ing and producing out of his new hometown ..s-Hertogenbosch, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands.The region where Tiesto, Marco V ,Marcel Woods, Sander van Doorn, Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman and Jorgensen come from. Yeah … Holy ground ;-).

According to Michell the digital revolution is not stoppable therefore he invented different forms to express! He invented a new show “the PowerHour” PowerHour focuses on the genres. House, Tech & Techno influences with soul and vocals. That fact shows his capacity handling different genres without hesitation. In 2010 he has released tracks for international labels & producers in Amsterdam, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Portugal & Mexico.!/MichellvW

Mike Seaver
Oct 2012 23

Mike Seaver

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Spending half his time on the tennis court and half in his Amsterdam based studio, Mike Seaver is a true sportive producer. Missing nearly every grand slam title in his career, his music is a lot more successful. He started at the age of 11 with his first synth, drum computer and real-2-real tape recorder, building it up to the high-end digital studio it is today. Climaxing with his 2011 number one position in South Korea.

He played tennis on large festivals like Dance Valley, FFWD Parade, Mysteryland, Awakenings Festival, Miami Winter Music Conference but also in clubs like Ministry of Sound in London, Amnesia Ibiza, Pacha NYC and LAX in Las Vegas.

Mostly teaming up with James Nidecker he creates vivid and energetic tunes that represent more than just one style that already gained support from Tiesto, Umek, Boy George, Marcus Schulz, Matt minimal, Fedde Le Grand, Sander Kleinenberg, Steve Angello, Luciano, Steve Lawler, Paco Osuna John Digweed and Richie Hawtin.

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Jun 2011 26


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Just a few words on these two talented Italian producers but “Moodz” is a project which started in 2010 by Miskia & Simon T, Inspired by friendship and love for music.

A new concept of “freshly squeezed” sperimental sounds, their style has a Tech House base with Deep, Funk, Latin and Jazzy vibes.

Check out their hot remix for Dema’s “Mexico” which has been buzzing in the clubs from the start and supported heavily by many dj’s.

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Jul 2011 15

Phonic Funk

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From the start Phonic Funk was inspired by the Funk. The Motown sound from mom & dad’s music collection appeared to be determining for Phonic Funk’s musical preferences. While collecting music his preferences got more specific and around his 14th Phonic Funk started his own small drive-in show. Friends, family and strangers could now meet the driven artist.

In the meanwhile Phonic Funk had the honor to perform with the likes of John Acquaviva, Roog, Laidback Luke and Fedde Le Grand. He performed at recognized venues such as ‘Escape’, ‘De Winkel van Sinkel’ and ‘De Lichtfabriek’.

To develop himself Phonic Funk has also devoted himself to the producing side of Music. Relatively quick this resulted in winning The Netherlands’ largest producer contest ‘Vinylized’. Phonic Funk can already be found in track lists from producers like Laidback Luke, Hardsoul and Jon Julius Knight to name a few.. Today Phonic Funk represents a warm sound filled with soul. Armed with CD players and a bag of enthusiasm Phonic Funk turns every dance floor into a sunny destination!

Sep 2010 17

Roderick Fox

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While his DJ performances go back to major events such as Dance Valley, Panama club and other underground club nights, his producer skills only recently touched the surface of the electronic music scene.

His killer remix for The Mojito Song (BIP records) has spread across the world like a virus and with upcoming releases on Strøm there is surely no stopping the man we call Fox.

Sander van Donkelaar & Kevin Rivers
May 2012 04

In addition to our ever growing artist roster we are proud to have one of the youngest artists ever to sign to Strom recordings. With a first release on our sub label One Off recordings Sander van Donkelaar and kevin Rivers (who are 15 years old as this post is written) already prove to be on a level that could challenge many experienced producers and it wouldn’t surprise us if their musical output will lead them to a global position within the next few years.

Sep 2010 17

This talented DJ/producer has been on the edge of fine tuning his production and DJ skills and with a bag full of experience has travelled across the globe from Thailand and Australia to South America.

With his deep and techy house music he frequently likes to DJ 4 tracks at a time and playing with effects and loops to keep the crowd rocking and pumping.

His inspiration comes from various styles of music from groovy deephouse to house and techhouse.

Sep 2010 17

Jeroen Verheij aka Secret Cinema started producing as Meng Syndicate in 1990. His first record ‘Sonar System’ came out on the Hithouse label in Belgium (ARS). Soon it became a big clubhit and through remixes by Speedy J aka Pullover the record became all the more successful. Because of the unfortunate death of Peter Slaghuis, the man behind the Hithouse project, the co-operation with ARS did not work out to Jeroen’s satisfaction.

In 1993, after having experimented with soundsamples and melodies for three years, DJ Michel de Hey, who recognized Jeroen’s excellent producing skills, convinced him to release his music on Michel’s Immaculate Music record labels. The first record Night On Earth ‘My Brain’ was released in 1994 on the new innovative techno label Brave New World Records. Secret Cinema ‘Timeless Altitude’ released on EC Records got to the Belgium Top-30 and after that the first Grooveyard success followed. After getting amazing crowd response to the Grooveyard acetate, Michel decided to release ‘Watch Me Now’ in November 1994.

While creating it Jeroen was inspired by funk heroes such as Curtis Mayfield and The Jimmy Castor Bunch. The record became an enormous clubhit in the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and Japan. Grooveyard ‘Mary Go Wild’ appeared in 1997 and it hit no. 12 of the Dutch Top 40 Charts and a few months later it was also put out in Scandinavia, Spain and Belgium. For ‘Mary Go Wild’ Jeroen Verheij received two Update Dance Awards, for Best Dutch Producer and Best Dutch single of 1997. ‘Masculinity’, the follow-up for Secret Cinema, delivered him another two dance awards in 1998.

Sep 2010 17


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It al started when Arno van Varsseveld (aka sound) played at a party which Pascal Bouberg Wilson (aka balance) organized and from that moment on they started making music and organize parties together.

They have a residency at Club Stalker (Haarlem, The Netherlands) with their Chaos club nights and they’re also involved in Haarlem Ondergronds once a year at the Zandvoort Alive festival.

The producer chapter started in 2006 and while they shaped their sound it wasn’t until 2009 that they got their first release (a remix of Suspect Delivery) on Strøm NL. But no doubt from here on we can expect more to come in 2010.

They work together with their studio buddies Von Smir, Mr. Minimalistic, Dansor & Bar le Funk and Pascal is also one of the three members from the “Trio Minus” team together with Von Smir & Mr. Minimalistic. Arno is also one members of the Dkorg team together with Bar le Funk.

Our Sound….. Another Sound…… Soundbalance

Sep 2010 17


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Another artist from Amsterdam that conquered the world by surprise in 2009 with his releases being hammered by people like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola and Dubfire while managing to stay number one in the Beatport minimal charts for two weeks straight(!). Not bad I hear you say right?..Well indeed, not bad at all.

SQL is the man behind all this rumble and his latest remix of Ferreck Dawn’s (African Dreams) on Strøm recordings got heavily supported by Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Michel de Hey, Steve Lawler and many more and no doubt we will hear more great music from him in the  the next future..

Sep 2010 17


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His combination of warm melodies and weird electronic soundscapes combined with minimal tech beats make Stefanowitz the ideal music for film artist. Even though his tracks are dance floor pounding he still holds the key what many forget to do and that’s making music that touches your soul.

His upcoming album will be a small adventure into new territories and will see him performing all over the world in the coming year.

Sep 2010 26

Tim Roscoe

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Dutch techno DJ and producer Tim Roscoe suddenly emerged into the scene with his succesful debut release on Stolen Moments in 2010. The “Gossips EP” got played and charted many times and has been topping the Beatport charts for quite some time.

Tim has produced and remixed for labels such as for Strom Recordings, Uniform Records, Stolen Moments and also Sander Kleinenberg’s Little Mountain recordings.

Tim Roscoe’s side project, RackeT, together with his close friend The RipTide awaits an upcoming release on Tommy Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire.

More info about Tim Roscoe visit

Sep 2010 16

Timo Benz and Plan-E deliver the first release on Strøm Recordings with the ultraphat ‘Darkstar Empire ep’. The German duo have teamed up to produce three powerful techno tracks which puts techno music back to where it all began…dark and underground….
‘Flash (Timo Benz mix)’ is a peaktime monster track that hits the floor with fierce drums and grinding sub basses and combines spooky Detroit fx with a dark spoken vocal. An absolute burner! ‘Darkstar Empire’ has a slamming groove that keeps on building and jacks you with a razor sharp rhythm and a phat pumpin’ sound. ‘Revolution’ is just what it says, thundering beats with fat percussive synth stabs and the ability to take control of your sound system.

May 2011 20

Timothy Watt

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The list of talented Amsterdam producers is long and inspiring and keeps on expanding with artists like Timothy Watt.
His friendly and modest personality is compensated by his powerful tech groove productions that are being slammed into the world with a big bang and his debut release on Strom recordings entitled ‘I got something’ was favorited by the likes of Mark Knight, Hawtin, Lawler and many others. This little gem release was co-produced with Farshad Kay who together also produced the big and bad ass production of the ep’s second track ‘PHNK’. Keep em coming cuz we feel this Amsterdam brotha is still on the rise and leaving a trail of quality music along the way..

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Sep 2010 17


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With a steady list of quality releases and remixes Dutch producer/DJ Jonathan Jansen aka Tundra has emerged quite rapidly into the electronic music scene.

His main output is on the Dutch imprint Manual Music which has released several quality releases and remixes but also labels like Outside of the Box, TEAM records, and UK-based Sleaze Records embraced Tundra as a versatile and open minded producer with a talent to go beyond the usual beats and loops.

“Because purism is the worst thing that can happen to creativity..” Tundra is not afraid to incorporate hints of acid, electro, deephouse and even classical elements into his music.

Tundra also co-produces with Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music / Diynamic), releasing firm loopy tech-house and techno though when he is solo his style can be described more as moody tech-house with a progressive twist,

Sep 2010 17

Von Smir0

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After being inspired by some mix tape’s from a friend, Von Smir sold his drum kit and bought his first set of turntables at the end of the 90’s.

Since then he has developed a grinding techno sound that cuts through  like a razor and with his background as a sound engineer he definitely knows how to move the bass in his music.

Von Smir also set up the artist platform Comport together with a group of dj/producers from Haarlem (The Netherlands) which promotes Dutch artists to a broader audience.

Mar 2011 11


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Hailing from Brazil, Wehbba is one of the latest additions of Brazil’s techno ambassadors and one of the latest remixers for Strom recordings.
Dentist graduate, licensed diver and Jiu Jitsu fighter for almost five years, he could have just stuck to what he does. But DJing and music is what he really does best.

Rodolfo Wehba had it all: a practice dentistry office, working in two big clinics in Sao Paulo and becoming a Jiu Jitsu fighter, but that was not enough, he actually crossed the pacific ocean all the way to Sydney where he divided his time between teaching english and scuba diving, participating in diving expeditions at the great barrier reef of northern Australia.

His involvement in the ripe underground scence in Australia inspired him to continue his dream of becoming a DJ. After returning to Brazil he started collecting wax and participating in events. As a producer, his main aspiration led him to create his own sound in techno and its subgenres.

Wehbba guestmix on John Digweed’s Transitions radio show – 26.11.2010

In 2004, Wehbba released his first national album titled “Revoltin'” with the support from the well established brazilian label “URBR”. The album’s success translated in sales, as it sold out after three months of its release. That led Wehbba to perform on one of the biggest festivals in Brazil and South America: Skol Beats. Since then, his carrier advanced to a new level on a national scale.

In 2005, when Beatport was still consolidating its reputation as a world reference for electronic music sales, Wehbba reached top 6 with his project Hybrid Players. Establishing his ground, Wehbba went on to release on labels such as Renaissance, Global Underground, Great Stuff, Get Physical, Tronic, Audiotherapy, Jesus Loved You, Craft Music, BluFin, Primate, Concept, Titanium, among many others.

In 2006, Wehbba managed to sell out his second release, this time supported by the established german label “Killa Beat Rec.” titled “Flapin’ my Pie Hole” including smashing minimal electro remix by’s Dave Shokh. The release drew attention of the big players such as DJ Hell, Karotte and many others. His constant evolving sound has drawn him a lot of attention from press and public, as he scales his rhythm up and down, with his uplifting funk as signature. In addition, his DJ skills also surpass the realm of standards as his dynamic style allows him to flip from all kind of techno and house music which carried him to perform globally on a busy schedule starting from Europe in early 2007.

In 2009, Wehbba launched his label ’82 Recordings’ making it the beacon for his musical direction and a breeding ground for honorary talented techno producers. His first release on his label has generated thousands of sales and reached Beatport Top10 Techno chart which paved the way to a massive DJ and producer support for the label’s continuous releases such as Timo Maas, Danilo Vigorito, Dave Clarke, Technasia, Renato Cohen, Ken Ishii, Paco Osuna, Umek, Stephan Bodzin, Pascal Feos, Kaizerdisco, Valentino Kanzyani and more. In addition, his contributions to other labels like Audio Therapy, BluFin and Tronic are attracting more attention from the big players. Wehbba was also nominated the 30th best DJ on House Magazine’s annual Brazil Top100 DJs.

Early 2010 sees Wehbba fruitful projects get the spotlight: a remix of Christian Smith’s hit record on Bedrock, “Flyertalk”, two new singles on Tronic already showcased by the labelowner himself on BBC’s Radio1 Essential Mix and his first worldwide mix compilation launch!

Sep 2010 17


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Sander Houtman aka Zoutman raised a little hell at home when he combined playing the piano while making Dutch Gabbah when he was only 13 years old. Inspired by various artists and music his musical creativity went from Hip-hop to IDM to classical masterpieces but it wasn’t until he started visiting underground house parties in Amsterdam that he really fell in love with electronic music.

After high school he followed a 4 year bachelor course for Sound Design and Composition and eventually Zoutman’s hobby became his Job. 2008 was a very successful year when he released tracks like ‘Sweet Pin’ and ‘Bottom’ and since then his output seems unstoppable.