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David Keno was born 1979 in Berne, Switzerland. He started learning classical instruments like guitar and drums when he was 12. After playing in different rock bands he discovered his love to electronic music. He bought a drum machine and an old Korg synthesizer and started experimenting with it. It took a few years until he was ready to show the results to someone but it was worth the wait. The guys from the Pocketgame label loved his melodic tracks and signed him for his first record: Vernis – Bubble Bath EP which came with a fantastic Trentemoeller remix. From that time things even got better.

He released on labels like I220, Zenit, Meerestief, Karateklub, ELP and made Remixes for Samuel L. Session, G-Man, da Fresh, Robert Drewek, Hugg&Pepp, DK8 and even the old 80-ies heroes Trans-X wanted a remix for their “living on video” that came out on ZYX Music. The next step in his carreer had to be his own label so that he could really make his own thing without compromises.

In January 2007 Keno Records 01 was released with huge success. David Keno � Liquid was played by underground and commercial DJs and could be found in playlists from Martin Eyerer, Chopstick, Karotte, Tiefschwarz und Tiga. In David Keno’s DJ sets or also as a Livect his musical range goes from minimal techno to electro and house. Very floor-oriented but often with a certain melodic touch. Maybe these are his roots from the 80ies shining through.

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